For some reason, nothing is going right today.  Everything is a askew.  Ooooof.   I feel   strange and I can’t figure out why.  It’s like my life has short circuited and I’ve…wait. ..uh…huh?  What the…?     But…But I…No……NO!!!!!.



Fear not.   La Kendrick is OK, just uh…..indisposed for the moment.   She’ll be back soon.  Bu as for you, well YOU are about to be taken somewhere else.  When you arrive, it might take a second or two to download.  It’ll eventually play Don’t touch the screen by scrolling up or down.  Look away if you must, just listen.  And yes, it contains slightly adult content. 

Click here and just listen.     .



  1. Well I’ll be. I wonder if that’s the reason my computer hangs up whenever I Google search hot new computers for sale. I can only imagine what tales my computer is telling other computers about me out there.

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