Completely Chocked Full of WTF!!!!


When I was a young concave titted female sappling growing up in the tiny confines of my South Central Texas berg, nestled amid the Mesquite trees, the substerranean uranium deposits and anti Black and Hispanic racism, I was lucky enough to have warranted my own subscription to Highlights Magazine.    …………………..CC C

……………………………………………………..Comme cela

This was the original cover as I remember it; kind of bland, tri-colored.   It was a far cry different than the multi-colored colors with the multi-ethnic characters that adorn the coffee tables and magazine racks in many doctors’ offices today. 

I loved Highlights.   It could keep me entertained for hours.   As a kid, I had as much of an appreciation for this mag as my father did for his Playboys, which of course, he subscribed to ONLY for the well-written articles.    

Yeah, the articles.   Uh huh.   Right. 

My father probably thought Norman Mailer was the name of the mascot the United States Post Office used to help school children learn about sorting and zip codes.

One of my favorite things about Highlights was the section known as Hidden Pictures.  I loved that part of the magazine and challenged myself to find that hidden giraffe or the sailboat carefully drawn into the shrubs or that airplane in the pattern of the curtains in Little Sally’s bedroom, faster and faster each time. 

Remember Hidden Pictures?  I would venture a guess that this classic version below is the first I’ve seen in 45-years.   Perhaps you, too.


Funny thing, this phenomenon we call growing up and maturing.   You lose innocence along the way.  I say that because I know there’s supposed to be a fish hidden in there somewhere, but all I see is a whole slew of penises.     

Gee, .past a certain age, these suddenly become Hidden Rorschachs, don’t they?

Guess I really need to date more.

Anyway, my point is, Hidden Pictures were fun and helped improve our powers of observation , recognition,  eye-hand coordination, color concepts, picture comprehension, all of which form the foundation for early learning success     They teach us when we’re young and entertain us when we’re older.  Sometimes they’re Photoshopped and other times,  they’re simple snapshots taken in the process of people living their lives.   

Angles and lighting help the illusion, too.

And thanks to very hip and observant friends and a strange photo-laden website called Shit Brix, which literally had me weeping and soiling myself at my desk,  I’m about to lay  so much WTF on you, you’ll wanna try to put all your M&M’s in alphabetical order.

Good damn luck with that.

Of the few I’ve collected for you here, the wierdness is subtle and well obscurred in some, quite obvious in others, but transcendently sublime in all of them.    Not completely safe for work, then again, that’s often why you come here.

Don’t lie.

Look carefully and happy hunting.   



OK, this next one isn’t so easy.  The brick shitting element isn’t shocking, just odd all things considered, but not very obvious at all.   It took me a while, too.   

Let me know how you fared.

The below must serve as your last photo for this session.  It took me a minute to figure out.

HINT:   Once you do, you  WON’T shit bricks.   I’m thinking more “shitting kids”.




  1. Good stuff Laurie. The guy with(out) the check was the easiest.


    Really Eric? For me that was the hardest.

    For some reason, I didn’t see that. The others I could find the flaw or the “brick” moment rapidly. That one stymied me.

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks a lot, Laur – I just spent an hour at the damn website, lookign at the stoopid pix.

    The guy with the huge check? Check the reflection in the car door – no check.

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