This One’s About Tiger and Christmas


Why am I doing this? 

Why would I make light of a man, a mortal man who  in spite of his accomplishments ($$$$) out on the links, is  probably at one of the lowest times of his life?

I guess because he really should know better and it’s my duty to harass and harangue the stupid and let’s be honest, Tiger Woods is not a smart man.  At least, not where it counts

I have heard countless people, on and off the airwaves say he’s just a man, errant and tempted, just like anyone else.

Well for starters, Tiger Woods ISN’T like anyone else.   The man is rich.   Very, rich.  Warren Buffet and Saudi Royal family rich.    He’s no stranger to TV and has been in the limelight ever since he was old enough to clutch a child sized 9-Iron.   He has one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.  

And if truth be told, despite his celebrity status, Tiger Woods really owes no one other than his family an explanation as to his actions.   He doesn’t owe you one  and wouldn’t,  even if you utilize any of the products he so heartily endorses (or perhaps, “endorsed” is a more appropriate word these days).  

Woods is a sports figure.    Not even an athlete, really.   Just a guy with a hell of a golf swing that’s accurate as hell.  He didn’t raise his hand and take an oath on a Holy Book and swear his unyielding  honor to defend this country and her inhabitants.   He doesn’t make copious amounts of money pimping a book on family values and he certainly never donned a long, black cassock and took a vow of chastity and poverty as the Vatican looked on.   

But he did take a vow before God, flowers, white lace and his invited guests to love, honor and be faithful to his wife.     

I don’t know what goes on inside the stately Floridian manor the Woods call home.    I’ve not a clue as to the dynamic that exists or existed between Tiger and Elin Woods.   It isn’t our place to judge, then why do we judge Tiger?   

Is it because we’re intrinsically shallow as human beings go and love gawking at the train wreck that his marriage has become?  Is  it because he’s so rich and we’re not that we to see those who have get knocked down a peg or two?

We all heard about Teddy Kennedy and his crotch conquests.   We listened with delight to tales of that walking hair-do, John Edwards and his inability to keep his pants zipped.    There were the extramarital exploits of  South Carolina Governor,  Mark Sanford and of course, we all know about  President Bill Clinton and his penchant for cigars, blue dresses and being  deftly “handled” by a chubby Jewess.  

We were sorely disappointed  by these men.   Sure, they’re human too but unlike Tiger, they make public policy and help keep national security intact.  Clinton perjured himself when probed about his affair(s).   The question then became this:   if a man who held the highest post in the land was willing to break the law he swore to uphold, what would keep him from lying about something else vastly more serious?

Clinton’s situation became less and less about politics and more about the man’s integrity or lack thereof.

Tiger doesn’t have this kind of  responsibility.      His only job is to make money winning major golf tournaments that advertisers jump on in order to hawk their products.    It’s about  all the periphery things around Tiger;  the clubs he uses;  the balls they hit.    The sportswear he dons when he makes that birdie. The cars he drives.  It’s about the sports drink he slugs down after playing 16 holes at Palm Springs in August.   

 And here’s the way the world works…even that which Madison Avenue created.   We have the right to refuse to buy those clubs; to use those balls.   To refuse to wear that shirt or buy that car.  And we certainly DON’T have to slam back anything  Tiger is paid to drink.

And these days Tiger, who owes no explanation to anyone, now needs no one to explain to him why his bank account, while still vast,  is shrinking.

For every action there is a consequence.    For some its a forced removal from office.  For others, its jail time.   And still for others, it’s a free fall from grace from the very people who in effect, paid  his or her salary.   No one is above reproach, regardless of what that reproach entails.  

Wealth doesn’t inhibit the fall,  either. 



  1. >He has one of the most recognizable faces on the planet.

    Which makes me wonder: How did the press not catch on sooner? It takes time to carry on with seven women (or however many). You have to go out, eat, go to homes or hotels… and apparently, many of the pro players already knew. Are the sports journalists lazy, or was he really that sneaky?

    >He didn’t raise his hand and take an oath on a Holy Book and swear his unyielding honor to defend this country and her inhabitants.

    No, but he came close. He was selling his image, his personality, and launching charities with the concept of being linked to his character.

    He was never as honest as good ol’ Charles “I am not a role model” Barkley. (I always liked him, just for saying that. I don’t even watch basketball.) Tiger and his handlers promoted and managed the clean-cut kid/loving family man image relentlessly. Ultimately, that may be just as bad a lie as breaking his marriage vows.

    It looks like Elin is going to divorce him. Good for her! I respect the hell out of that.


    >He didn’t raise his hand and take an oath on a Holy Book and swear his unyielding honor to defend this country and her inhabitants.

    No, but he came close. He was selling his image, his personality, and launching charities with the concept of being linked to his character.

    His image as a golfer was bought and sold, Rick. His image as a golfer.

    True Flight didn’t pay him to be a spokesman for their clubs based on his ability to love his wife, take out the garbage with any degree of regularity OR give buttloads of money to hungry kids in Chad.

    I’m not arguing your point–I don’t like it either. I’m not a golfing devotee and rarely watch the sport, but even so I’ve never heard word one about Tiger Woods being anything other than a pro golfer of which the entire world was aware. If he has this supposed ‘clean cut’ image, then the brain trusts on Madison Avenue obviously manufactured it for him. Unforntunately, it might be too late to do anything about it now.

    But he’ll be fine later.

    We are a forgiving country. Short of OJ and his murderous rampage, we often forgive our celebrities for crimes against social restraint—infidelity, etc. As someone who’s been hurt by philandering men more times than I care to admit, this surprises me and annoys me.

    As for his charities, he launched them probably because he needed a tax shelter for all the money made simply by being an exceptional golfer. Legitimate charities are wonderful. They can do amazing things, but the ones Tiger had establish aren’t linked to Tiger Woods’ character, Rick…they’re linked to his money. Let’s not pretend otherwise. If they suffer because Tiger suffers in the public opinion forum, then really, that’s our fault. Tiger had the affairs; his charities didn’t, but we’ll punish everything Tiger touched.

    Except his wife, who comes out of this, the victim.

    I hope Elin does leave him. I’m glad she held her own and never turned into one of those soulless political wives who stand vapidly by their men in the face of a very public scandal. Tiger’s arrogance made him think he was invincible; above reproach, perhaps. The little protective cocoon he surrounded himself with had extremely vulnerable spots.

    To every action there is a consequence. In this case, it’s cost Tiger wife and kids, his reputation and scads of money….

    For the being.

    Give him five years. He’ll be back. An upcoming ESPN bio-pic about his life and rise and fall from golfing grace will force him back into the limelight.

  2. Rick,

    The media probably “didn’t know” just as the media “didn’t know” about all of Obama’s socialist and anti-American ties. I am not making this a post about Obama, but about the media deciding which stories to break, and which ones to hide. Seriously, eleven AP fact-checkers on Palin’s book, but none on Obama’s two books?

    At my workplace, there are inside stories that co-workers know but spouses do not. I don’t condone it, but it does happen.

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