Halloween Approacheth


So, I was schlepping around the house, thinking of what I might give up for Lent next year when I realized we are already in the month of October.    It’s not like I DIDN’T know it was October, I just hadn’t thought about the relevance of the month.

Halloween kicks off the party season here in LaurieLand….costume parties, haunted houses for charities and the like.   And the month is also important from a climatic standpoint as well.  For Houstonians, October usually means the first real hint of Autumn.  I love when the temperatures dip to a frigid 88 degrees and the humidity plummets to 75-percent.    This is short sleeve weather and most welcomed, might I add.     October always means lower electricity bills.

We only run our A/C for 23 of the 24 hours in a day.

And because Halloween is a scant few weeks away, I start thinking about my Halloween costume.   I like being different.   I like going as unconventional things;  things one wouldn’t deem to be costume worthy.  A few years ago, I dressed up like a garment bag.     One year I was dryer lint and there was that one Samhain I went decked out as charcoal.  The host of the party that year was so pissed at me…I left dark smudges every where I went.

As I got dressed this morning, I started thinking about this year’s costume.    I looked in the mirror just before I put on my clothes and was inspired.   I decided my butt will play a pivotal role in this year’s costume.   But how exactly?

Then I took a closer look and realized that with the right undergarments, I might be able to pull off a look so unique that it would blow people’s minds. 

But could it work?   I grabbed a garter belt, slapped that bad boy on and knew in an instant that yes, it would in fact work and work quite well.

I photographed my reflection in the mirror for your edification.

You see, THIS Halloween kids, I am going as garlic.

Big Ass



  1. I am laughing so damn hard in my office that my staff thinks I’ve completely lost my mind. In fact, I think they’ve called for the ambulance and the straight jacket. Before they haul me off chortling and snorting, I just wanted to say that was absolutely hilarious! And maybe ask if you could testify on my behalf at the commitment hearing.

    Dammit, I’m still laughing. Oops, I hear sirens. Gotta go!

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