You Like Me! You REALLY Like Me!!


Not that there are ever any guarantees in life, but my blog was able to accomplish that feat and trust me, there were no guarantees that it could or would accomplish this feat.

But it did.

Yes my blogging friends, sometime during the morning of September 28th in the Year of Our Lord, 2009, my two and a half year old blog received its 500,000th  hit/view.   Now,  three-fourths of that number might actually consist of family and friends checking in on my drivel multiple times a day and I should also mention that in Wordpress’ individual stats counter, I’m not sure there exists a differentiation between hits and unique views (whatever those are), but I refuse to quibble with technicalities.  

I will accept this milestone with the same grace with which I used to welcome monthly cramps.

But let’s start at the start, shall we?

My initial reasons for starting this oeuvre were many.   In the beginning, I didn’t know what a blog was, much less it’s intricacies until a friend insisted that she felt certain my starting one would be life altering in some degree.   A few days later, still unsure of what this blogging nonsense was all about,  I can remember sitting at my desk fighting what writer’s hate the most–the tyranny of the blank screen–and I was suddenly reminded of my childhood in Small Town South Central Texas, USA.

I had always been fascinated with Hollywood and performing.  As a child, I would watch Shirley Temple movies insisting throughout every pouty dance routine with all those old cats,  “Hey, I can do that, too!”;  same thing with the performance of that youngest Von Trapp chick on “The Sound of Music”    I’ve always wanted to be an actress–even en utero–and did my damnedest to get discovered.   I used to put LP of movie and Broadway soundtracks on our record player and sing and dance in the living room which was fronted with a HUGE plate glass window that faced the street.  I was convinced that some big- time, cigar chomping “I Love Lucy-esque”  Hollywood agent type just might be driving by, see me perform and hear me sing and smell solid gold.

Yeah, like  sleepy little Karnes City, Texas was a veritable beehive of Hollywood glitz and star power back in the early 60’s.

Perhaps, that’s why I started this blog way back in early April 2007.  I  wanted to be discovered.  Besides, I was desperately unemployed  at the time (Gee, that’s a tune I still hum) and needed a creative outlet.   It has served as that.   Professionally?   Well,  Judith Regan has yet to comment on any of my posts and Simon and Schuster have yet to offer me a sweet book deal with an advance that would put hair on my chest, but that’s OK.   I’ve been “discovered” by some of the best readers on the planet.  I have met some tremendous people and have made friends for life.   The relationships I have with these people are worth any book deal.

Unless of course, a book deal has strings attached and to those strings are attached a lot of green and white photos of dead presidents which used to be completely negotiable in almost every country.

Even so, I have you to thank, so thank you from the bottom of my enlarged heart.  YOU made this achievement possible and I am humbled and indebted to your devotion and frequent clicks to my blog.

 Stay with me, please.   I promise to produce more strange and obnoxious stuff.   You have my word–you will be amused.  

Let’s strive for world peace, an end to global hunger and that my blog reaches a  million hits by April 22nd, 2011.  

Thanks again and to show my appreciation, I’ll leave you with two of my very favorite videos in the world.  They’re classics.

This next video still makes me belly laugh out loud.  I guess its due partly to all the laughter, especially one of the anchor’s contagiously raspy smoker’s chuckle.   Hearing it is funny.

Well, that and the fact that this is a video of a  really young and thin model publically falling on her ass.




  1. This is no surprise to me. We all know the talent you have to spit out stories with comedy or drama. Course, with a little help from Coon, Nate, Alex and of course, yours truly and sister Kathy, we can proudly say we participated in making your hits skyrocket at times. That was fun to all get all your blog and argue, especially when someone starts shit.

    Congratulations, little sis, for hard work well done. Right now, you’re in the hot seat with your personal life but I know everythings going to work out for everyone concerned. You have a right to be happy-its your turn.

    We love you!

  2. Congratulations on hitting the half million mark. I’m new to all this, but when I stumbled upon this site, it only took a few samplings of your writing to make me hit the follow button. No surprise to me you have such a diverse following (or maybe a compulsive group of family members clicking the page refresh button).

    So, you want me to get Judith Regan to comment? No problem, I’ll just… er… oh that’s right, I don’t know her personally. Lemme see, Simon… nope, not here; Shuster… not coming up on my Blackberry. Wait, I’ll look up publishers on my contacts list. Oh, that’s right, I’m not a writer. Dammit! I want to be helpful. What can I do? Hmmph, maybe I’ll just click on your articles. I get to laugh a lot, and you get the fame and recognition with an extra click or two on your way to a million hits. Deal? Maybe I can get an autographed copy of your first book when it is published.

    On a completely unrelated note, the News crew covering the model falling on her ass is the local News where I live in the Greater Washington area. (I wonder if Greater Washington is an oxymoron) Jim Vance is the anchor and George Michael does sports. I actually remember watching that newscast, and while it’s not earth shattering, I think it’s kind of cool that it was tagged here by someone outside the viewing area.

  3. Like Karol said, it comes as no surprise.

    I came late to the party, but stayed for the free food. People who write funny stuff all the time, well, that’s great and all, but that’s what intrigued me most about your blog: you were/are funny, but you also have moments of astute poignancy, and even times when you share what’s in your heart, wrapped in the guise of a parable.

    I must say that I’m surprised Ghetto Gumby didn’t get a nod, but the buttered floor was friggin’ righteous! That a**hole deserved every spill he took. Wish we could have heard the guy laughing into his pillow when his roommate was banging on his door.

  4. OW! OW!


    Call me cruel…call me unusual…but those make me laugh so hard, i could almost puke.

    Oh, yeah! Cruel. Unusual. THAT’S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU, MY VERBOSE VIXEN. Yes, your musings and rants and ramblings often tread that fine line, but always with a sense of decency. Well, i like to think so, anyway.

    On behalf of half a million happy Hitters, thank you a thousand times for your wildly entertaining wordsmithing. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me think. You make me marvel at that brain of yours, and the fact that you accept me as your friend.

    OOOOPS! Gotta go watch “Dancing With the Stars” to round out my intellectual stimulation for the day.

    As my beautiful, darling, dear, departed friend Jay (Eddie Jay, Father Julius)Hoyer said…I LOVE YOU MADLY.


  5. Whatever it was that possessed you to start your blog, I am glad you were so possessed. Lord willing, I’ll keep coming back.

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