Are You Looking For Me?


Hello.   My name is Laurie Kendrick.  You might remember me from such blogs as the one you’re currently perusing.  

Since this  is the age of Change, courtesy of  the Man currently dwelling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in our nation’s capital, I have decided to comply.   Change is painful, but vital.    So, I’m officially declaring this old blog to be null and void, though it’ll remain up and open and readable at least until Brad and Anjelina decide to marry and adopt a male Yap Islander with webbed toes, between the ages of 34 and 36.  

So until then, feel free to read the ass out of my archives, but with this exception, there will be no new posts on this blog.

I know what you’re wondering.   You’re probably thinking, “but Kendrick has such an ego?   What will she do for an outlet?”.  How sweet to think me that conceited and according to some complete tools here in Houston and living in near the Shepherd/Durham vicinity of the city’s near north side, I’m completely self- absorbed, too.      

Then call me a walking Kotex with wings because perhaps, I am.   But hey, if my issues prove to be a humor enfuser for you and your life, because we all know that laughter is restorative, do my character flaws really matter?  

I think not.   Therefore,  vanity, thy name is Laurie because I have it on divine authority that there’s a new blog here on the sphere and it is and will what this old blog was and more.

Check it out, won’t you?   Cleck here.

And remember:  no seating after the curtain goes up, no cover charge any time, please remain a full six inches from your screen whenever reading and NO TOUCHING!!!!


And now, you may opine your ass off...

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