What Evokes Emotions Within You?


Emotions cover a wide array of feelings:  anger, disgust, jealousy, sadness, joy, fear, pride and even apathy.  Feeling nothing is still something.  Other pics bring  forth recall.   Memories that are either good or bad or gloriously bittersweet. 

That said, I’d like for you to take a good look at the following photographs and let me know what, if any, are your emotional reactions/responses to any or all of them.  

Again, no right or wrong answers here and feel free to answer as many or as few as you wish.


SYMBOL Foreclosure sign


SYMBOL burning cigarette


SYMBOL Hollywood sign


SYMBOL casket


SYMBOLS soldier crying


SYMBOL Closed sign


SYMBOL Peace sign


SYMBOLS  big chief tablet


SYMBOL young arab


SYMBOL Polo R Lauren Logo


SYMBOL katrina superdome


SYMBOLS flat tire


SYMBOL cowboy boot


SYMBOLS  Road closed sign


SYMBOL cocaine

13.  For this image, ignore the silliness of the check’s slightly finer print.  Instead, please focus on the the large red letters  stamped  across the front.


14.   What do you think when you see this picture?  Or worse, seeing it in your rear view mirror







  1. 1. Adjustable rate mortgage? What could go wrong with that? Let’s sign some papers and put this baby to bed!

    2. Blech!

    3. Can we ramp up the remake effort, Saul? I still have a few childhood memories that haven’t been perverted.

    4. Knowledge comes with death’s release.

    5. glass parking lot…

    6. Financial ruin is no excuse for a lack of punctuation.

    7. I suddenly have a hankering for deathmetal and undercooked red meat.

    8. This tablet is a little before my time. Did Moses bring it down from the mount?

    8.1. I direct the soles of my shoes in your general vacinity.

    9. “Interior crocodile alligator…I drive a Cheverolet movie theatre…”

    10. You built your city below a beaver dam.


    12. My massive calves simply will not allow such a fashion initiative.

    13. Zombies Ahead

    12.1. Number on Friday night – on the prowl for a Rubenesque goth chick with an oral fixation low self esteem.

    13.1. Get a debit card, mee-maw!

    14. They must be mistaken. I’m a white guy in an F150.

    15. “I want to have a say on the income tax…don’t want to help build bombs, and that the facts….”

  2. i think that’s the first time i’m seeing a black guy cry. after Louis Armstrong. He always looked like he was crying!

  3. Thanks a bunch for the Moses comment above…..I had Big Chief tablets in grade school!

  4. Думается, если долго стараться, даже самую сложную мысль можно так подробно раскрыть.

  5. Number 14 is my favorite. I love seeing police lights, even in my rear view mirror. These are some great images. Number two is just disgusting. Number six is heartbreaking. The others really don’t evoke much emotion.

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