A Bush Joke


Karl Rove calls former George Bush at his new home in Dallas.

“Mr. President, I’ve just received a threat on this office and we believe it’s a very viable one, Sir”.

“Aw, come on now Rover! You know we get 368 threats everyday—and that’s after we left office.   I’m retired now.   Them threats is all idle. Shoot!”

“Well that’s actually the idea, Sir. They’ll do just that IF you don’t give in to their demand”.

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“Well, Mr. President…they want you to make long, languid love to a woman. A virgin, Sir. And a Democrat”.

“Now come on, Karl. You know I’m a happily married man. I took a vow to stay faithful to my wife. I ain’t gonna make no Democrat–much less a woman. By the way, who’s making this demand?”

“The Mafia, Sir”.

“That Soprano fella?

“No Sir. The real mafia…La Cosa Nostra, the Black Hand..that “thing” of theirs”.

“Well that’s very different. I suppose my death would severely cut back on the amount of time I’d get to go  to the ranch and move around tree limbs, kick shrubs and what not.  I guess I’ll do it, but I have a few conditions myself”.

“Alright, Mr. Bush perhaps we can negotiate that with their Consulieri. What are your conditions, Sir?”

“First of all, she’s got to be blind so she can’t see who’s defiling her”.

“Yessir, go on”.

“Secondly, she must be a mute…can’t talk so she can tell no one about the egregious act I’m being forced to committ”.

“Yessir. Anything else, Mr. President?”

“Yeah Rover–one more condition. Thirdly..she uh…..she uh…..she….”

“Yessir…go on!”


“She’s got to have big ones….Like this!!!!!!”


Yeah….I know.   Old joke, but when I saw this photo of “W”, I had to do it.

And now, you may opine your ass off...

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