vile weekend humor: “can you spare $5?”


This is the second in a series of tasteless jokes.   Did you see Thursday’s entry?   It’s about nuns.

And you’re back……

Now, enjoy this weekend’s tasteless offering:

Sally Struthers loves a nice mushroom sauce!!!!

Sally Struthers loves a nice mushroom sauce!!!!

Hi, I’m with “The World’s Hungriest Kid Foundation” and I’m here to tell  about Zani. 

He’s a nine-year old boy living in Namibia.    He has only one arm and one leg, and a malformed foot. 

Each day this brave nine-year-old rides seven miles to school along dusty roads that are littered with craters from land mines, on a bicycle with bent wheels, no brakes and only one working pedal.  The working pedal is on the side of his missing leg. And the poor lad’s deformed foot continues to have difficulty in mastering the pedaling process.   

He even has to balance the few schoolbooks he has on his head, sneezing all the while due to allergies to native grasses.

So, please dig deep in your heart and wallet and send me a mere $5.  Broken Bike WheelsThat’s all.   Just send me five bills and I’ll send you (with free shipping and handling)  a gently used DVD of Zani trying to ride his bike. 

It’s fucking hilarious!!!!!


  1. No offense to Jack Nicholson, but I think Sally would have made a better joker in the first “Batman”

  2. Sally’s TV dad, Archie Bunker would probably lecture the poor kid about how bad it is to live in Queens and work on the loading docks.

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