1. I still think it’s a hip, overhand finger-snap, cold stone groove.

    Twenty-three skidoo – Oh you, kid!

    Actually, that was pretty good. I loved the camera man break-dancing.

  2. Yep, I loved it too. Catchy.

    And as for me being a kid? Well you called it, Thomas. I turn 50 in a week. You’re now only….what? Twenty-two, 23 years my senior??

    I’m catching up with you, Vato.



  3. You won’t think that’s so funny when I scratch the side of your car with my walker.

    You make me laugh, Tom. I always love to hear the meanderings of a fellow smart ass.


  4. After recollections over cold drinks(it is friday after all)and discussions of favourite songs with videos that just fit the music; we,(I) came up with these- History Repeating. Shirley Bassey doing what only Shirley Bassey can do! And forget the break dancing cameraman;how on Earth does that lad remove his jacket when the only part of him in contact with terra firma is his head?
    This old pair of jeans- Fat-boy Slim. Just watch the official video and then follow the links to the juggling war it started. Some people just have too much skill!
    Last but not least-Cherry Ghost-4am. Doesnt need a video;its just a soul laid bare!
    Any comments welcome;hope to read them in or around 2112!

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