Separated At Birth


A couple of posts back, I suggested that the much publicized ghost of Tantellon Castle on the coast of Scotland, bears a striking resemblance to Academy Award winning actress, Anjelica Huston.

It was pretty spot on if I say so myself.   It got an amazing number of hits from  all over the world. 

Well, those are time-consumming posts, but very fun to compose and when I’ve done them in the past, the reviews have been through the roof.  In fact, about two years ago (maybe less) I wrote several posts similiar to this one—comparing peoples’ looks to other people….or things….or stuff.   I was very, very lucky in the comparisons I found on my own.  I pilfered a couple from other sites but the majority are mine.    In fact, I’ll be mixing the best of the old posts with new stuff I’ve found.

And of course, there will be comments with almost every picture.


Bobby Hill.  The round-faced perpetual 12 year old brought to us by FOX and Folger’s Coffee.

I took one look at him:


And think of Russian Matruska dolls


One of my favorite movies of all time is “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming”, one of the funniest movies ever, starring Carl Reiner and the magnificant Alan Arkin.   One periphery character is Stanley, the airplane mechanic who baby sits a dirt runway and a wind sock.  This character is played by Michael J. Pollard.   He also appeared in the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” as erstwhile gangster, C.W. Moss.

Back in the 60’s, his face would’ve been a familiar one.  Back then he had a very active film career.   


Not to mention the fact that Mike has a very unusual look, which to me makes him an identical twin of a Troll Doll.


I was perusing the Google Images pages and saw this lovely picture of St. Helen of Thomas…the venerable and Liberally beatified Washington reporter for Knight-Ridder, AP, UPI and Highlights Magazine.

I took one look this pic and the ravaging effects that time and gravity have had on Helen and only one….ONE corresponding image came to mind.

I looked for this particular picture for hours. Now, it’s a little dark and had to be blown up a bit, but I think you’ll see the resemblance:

Here’s Helen…


And here’s her arboreal Doppelganger:


HA!!!!! I laughed my ass off when I finally found this photo of the Talking Apple Tree, from the orchard scene, right before the Tin Man is discovered in The Wizard of Oz.  

This picture convinces me that Helen and tree were in fact, separated at grafting.

I saw this particular photo of former Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld not too long ago and IMMEDIATELY thought of the perfect accompanying pic–especially being the Wizard of Oddity that I am.

Sometimes, it all about the pose.

This comparison is just HILARIOUS in my opinion!!

rumsfeld.jpg . witch1.jpg

This one I discovered back in the summer of  ’07 had me crying, kids! I’m not kidding! TEARS were streaming down my face when I made this connection. I found it quite by accident late one night. You ready?

Here’s former Presidential Advisor, Karl Rove:


And THIS  is a relatively current mugshot of Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon:


I freaked when I saw how much Flava Flave looks like this Ugly Ass Dog!

flavaflav.jpg . sickening_ugly_dog.jpg


Here’s an interesting comparison:

bolger.jpg . nancy.jpg

This is pretty funny, actually:  Nancy Pelosi’s smirk makes her look The  Scarecrow’s. twin sister.   Sometimes, it’s all about expressions and head angles.

Now, refresh my memory…which one of the above actually needs a brain???

This one might be a stretch:

barker.jpg . kitty.jpg

This is the well-tatted and inked all to hell Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182 and a punked out kitty with a lot of hair product. I elongated the feline photo and that helped.

Rocker Bret Michaels REALLY needs to stay out of the sun and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!!

If not, THIS is what he has to look forward to in the next 15 years…

This pic is that of a very young Bret and yessir, that’s an old Yasser!!

bretm.jpg . arafat.jpg

Love the head gear….Old West meets Middle East.

Here, Hillary is seen here eating a little nosh.

So is one of her flesh eating constituents from “Night of the Living Dead”.

hillary-eats-sammicj.jpg . 0001.jpg

Christopher McDonald is an actor that you’ve seen in plenty of movies. Recognizable face, but it’s doubtful you’d know him by name. He was the game show host in “Quiz Show”. He played Louie in “Chances Are” and Louise’s husband in “Thelma and Louise” and that’s just a partial listing of his roles.

I think he and FOX news anchor, Shepard Smith look a like:

chrismac21.jpg . shep1.jpg


Muqtada al-Sadr (مقتدى الصدر—for those of you playing the “She’s Gotta Tikrit to Ride” home game) is the fourth son of a famous Iraqi Shi’a cleric, the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr. He’s also the son-in-law of Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir As-Sadr. While ol’ Muqtada doesn’t hold any official title in the Iraqi government, he is one of the most influential religious and political figures in the country.

Jerry Ferrara is the portly, tubby, scruffy actor who plays Turtle on HBO’s series, “Entourage”.

This comparison is incredibly right on, or so sayeth Laurie.   Game…match…set, Mofo.

cleric-2.jpg . cleric4.jpg . ferrara.jpg

Take a gander at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…..and a monkey whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ginsburgsm1.gif  . ginsburgmonkeysm.gif

Former Veep, Al Gore has been in the news so much lately…talking all ’bout Global Warming and what have you. Here at Laurie Industries, we’re glad that he still has time to commune with the people from all over and with just the right amount of ribald gesticulation.

Here, Al is addressing what’s surely an enthralled crowd and he’s hammering home salient points with what’s known as “jazz hands”…and a lowly little hamster pays homage to the Global Savior by responding in kind.

al1.jpg . hamsterhands.jpg

This combo makes me laugh! Odd isn’t it how when side by side, all four “hands” look awfully similar!

Let this serve as a “global warning”, my friends.

Record mogul Phil Spector is many things.

He is a leviathan when it comes to music. He’s produced epic songs and albums that have become “the music of our lives”.

He’s had several “hair looks” in recently.   He’s seen here during his “Dirty Dandilion” look.

philspector.jpg . dandelion.jpg

In the mid to late 80’s, I was dazzled by the comical stylings of Brother Theodore. The German born comic actor, did some stand-up (or should I say “schtand up”–he had a hell of an accent) but his forte was character driven roles. He was weird neighbor on Burbs with Tom Hanks and in a host of other movies. He died in 2001, but leaves behind a legacy of hilarious performances.

I hadn’t thought of Brother Theodore UNTIL I saw this photo of Senator John Warner–the “other” Virginia Ham.

brotherted.jpg . jwarner3.jpg

Kids, when I literally stumbled upon this drawing of an ogre, there as only one person that came to mind. I searched TWO HOURS for just the right picture of this guy. I knew in my gut it was out there…

And it was.

And when I finally found it, it was laugh out loud funny.

troll3.jpg . billlmahr4.jpg

This next comparison will be debatable. This is the best photo I could find that demonstrates that either actor Kelsey Grammar looks like a younger Fred Thompson OR…..former actor/politician, Fred Thompson looks like an older Kelsey Grammar.

fred3.jpg . kelsey.jpg

Here’s an interesting look at disgraced NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak and FOX News Host and “drop-the-last-syllables-of-every-word-she-utters” Anchor, Greta Van Susteren.

lisa.jpg . greta.jpg

The two only slightly resemble each other, but I wanted to include Miss Greta in the mixed because like Lisa, she has that now familiar look on her face. You know the one–the look that clearly indicates she’s thinking….

Oh great! I need to be in goddamn Rupert Murdoch’s office in 15 minutes and I’ve just soiled my knickers/panties/drawers. Ouch! It burns!! Shit!! What the hell did I eat“…


  1. Hey! How are you doing? It has been a long time since I knew where you were.
    Give me a call when you can. or Email me.
    Debbie Henderson
    From the old radio days

  2. Laurie! So it’s you that has the old family album? I wondered where that thing was? I guess there’s a reason it disappeared. Dog gone ugly genes….why us????????

  3. We all can’t be pretty. We all can’t be movie star thin. I’ve accepted that fact. We need to be happy with how we look here on earth because when we go Home, it isn’t going to matter what we look like. I can accept that, too. I believe I’ll go sliding in through the pearly gates with two of my favorite junk foods-a bottle of ice cold coke in one hand and a package of cheese crackers in the other.

  4. I also forgot that I won’t be wearing any make up or have my hair dyed, er, done!!!

  5. Thanks for the chuckle. I still think it’s Yasser Arafat and Ringo Star who were separated at birth.

    You might also be interested in the following site:

    do a search for James Carville; it’s hilarious

  6. I think i have caught up. It’s taken a few days but I think I am. I also have pulled an oblique muscle from laughing. I don’t know how you do it but, you do do it. Missed ya, Sis.

  7. If you want to see the real twin of Phil Spector, look for the character of Hair Bear in the 1970s animated animated series “Help!…It’s the Hair Bear Bunch!” The resemblance is striking.

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