The Ghost of Tantallon Castle


This very large edifice in Scotland has been in the news as of late.

Tantallon is a mid-14th century fortress, located about three miles south-east of North Berwick, in East Lothian, Scotland.

Tantellon Castle

Tantellon Castle

It sits atop a promontory (I’m thinking that’s a big chunk of rugged coastline) opposite the Bass Rock, looking out onto the Firth of Forth, and since it’s Scotland, the fortress would also be adjacent to the Fifth of Gin.

The reason why it’s in the news?   The photo below:


People are calling this “a ghost”.

What do you think?

Well, call me “Burt Lahrie”, because I do  believe in spooks.  cowardly-lionI do, I do, I do believe in spooks.


This photo makes me seriously doubt its legitimacy  despite the three so-called photographic experts who looked at the snap shot, taken by a tourist in early 2008, and deemed it “untouched”.  Now, I’m wondering how in the hell that could be?   The image is too well lit to be in the window of a dark 14th century fortress without sunlight directly peering into said window.   I mean, go back and look at it!  Even the colors are way too vivid, the facial markings (to me anyway) seem too well defined considering the distance from the camera to window AND you can barely see the bars across the entity’s face.   Granted, they’re thin bars, but still distinguishable. Look to the right and to the left of the face, which in and of itself,  looks like it’s half in front of the bars in the window.    It looks weird, plus the color seems so bright and in this case, unnatural all things considered.

So, as ghosts go?  Nah, I don’t think so and mind you, I am by no means an expert.  I can’t use a camera, much less a computer program to insert and/or remove photgraphed images.  Hell,  I think  ‘photoshop’ is a little kiosk in the mall where you can drop off your film and have your photos  ready in an hour.

And I really couldn’t  determine whether this “ghost” is a he or a she.

Here’s a slightly closer look.


Take a good look.  Study the face.  

I did and I’ve determined that the “ghost” is actually a photo of a human being that had in fact been Photoshopped in the window.  I’m convinced of this and in fact, I think I know who it is.

I first thought the image resembled a cranky Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  ray-bolger11111

I thought I saw a resemblance in the delightfully pointed eyebrows. That would be the max “Factor”.

Then, I looked more closely and realized that isn’t who it is at all.

But then, who is it?

I spent most of this morning trying to figure this out….and then it hit me.   When you look at the next photos, you just might see the same thing I did.

Here’s another picture of “the ghost” for your edification.


After careful, deliberate study, I am convinced…CONVINCED…without a shadow of a doubt that this is actually a photo of:

Academy Award winning actress, Anjelica Huston in a period costume and based on her expression in the fortress window, I’d say she’s suffering from severe gas, too:


Tell me I’m wrong.

You…you and your clouds!!


  1. i figured out who that person is. it’s mrs. callus who lived behind us on main street!

    where’s the daylight in the picture?

  2. Actually I think it is my third grade teacher–and she looks like she has a fifth of something in her hand–which solidifies in my mind that it is her. Why she is on a bender in an abandonded castle in Scotland is a bit of mystery though.

  3. Very funny ref the Wiz of Ozz Scarecrow and Anjelica Houston comparisons!! But seriously, who the hell KNOWS if this Tartallon spook face is the real thing? All I know is the POTENTIAL is absolute.

    I’m as skeptical as the next person when it comes to this sort of “ghost” photo… however, I have like photos of my OWN (taken in the Fall of ’04) from Western Ireland’s Donegal Castle. Whereas there is no color in the face of mine, there IS light that had to have come from a source OTHER than natural means. My “face” is a wispy gray color that is fading in and out of distinction in three consecutive photos taken from outside of the castle’s front on a very cloudy/rainy day. The face appears from a second story window that was NOT, to my knowledge, visable at the time of picture-taking & noticed only after getting back home, downloading & blowing-up. (There are actually many such photos in my arsenal of peculiar images out of Ireland representative of the there three times we’ve been there in the last 10 years)

    I have since done research on Donegal Castle and discovered it is rumored to have 16th century hero Red Hugh O’Donnell roaming its turrets and halls. Hence, I have come to believe O’Donnell IS THE FIGURE in my images! Before doing the research — which was hard to come by since Donegal is not one of the more popular Irish castles, rarely visited by tourists due to its remote location, and not frequently written about — I assumed my photos were of a feminine face because the features were so beautiful. But I later learned Red Hugh was a gorgeous man with almost-delicate facial features.

    Just recently, I discovered a lovely Phil Coulter ballad (accessable on YouTube) entitled “If These Stones Could Speak” which shares some of O’Donnells’s history/legacy, highlighting how his “spirit still dwells” within the halls of Castle Donegal. In truth, that ballad provided me more validation than ANY of the research I’d previously been able to uncover on O’Donnell’s spirit having survived physical death. In fact, I plan on contacting Coulter, who lives in No Ireland, asking him about the origin of the story behind his ballad, then sharing with him the strange photos I have from the Castle.

    Bottom line: I love it when you discuss the paranormal, even in partial jest — because so few (normal) people are “open” to it.
    It’s like Laurie Kendrick just KNOWS there is so much more to life than the tangible or the explainable. And that admission, even to oneself, takes great courage.
    You know I believe in ghosts. Emphatically so. I’m going to post a piece about all my personal experiences and those of my sisters. We lived in a genuine haunted house many years ago. I wouldn’t call them hostline…not in an that awfully extreme British show, “Most Haunted” on the Travel Channel. Ever watched that show and invariably one of their psychics ALWAYS say every house, castle, cross, pub, old church has the ghost of a practioner of ‘the Black Arts”.

    It’s England and those islands bunched together (Ireland and Scotland) are probably three of the most haunted places in the world, so I’m not saying that Satanism can’t be part of every place they investigate, but they in fact, FIND within the strata of 99-percent of every place they go has a history of the practice of Black Arts. Plus, this show hardly ever captures apparitions or decent EVPs.

    As far as this Tantallon photo is concerned, I want to believe it’s legit, but my gut says that’s doubtful.

    And it did look like Anjelica Huston, didn’t it?

    When I hosted “Supernatural Saturday Night”, on radio here in Houston, I took several listeners and a psychic to The Myrtles in Lousisana for a live broadcast and ghost expeditio. We caught notheing but it was fun. The place had an eerie sense to it, though.

    I’d LOVE to see your castle photos, Sarah. I promise they’ll go no further than my e-mail, which is located under “My Profile” at the top of the blog page.

    Take care and look for my post, probably before Sunday.


  4. Oh boy-the Sisters have some stories to tell. I can’t explain the “goings on” that have happened to us through the years, but I do believe that all is not imagination. I will look forward to this paranormal inspired posts whenever you decide to put it in. Laurie, you and I have felt a number of things….Karol has had some unexplainable situations, too. I think everyone does but some people just don’t “go” there. My spiritualty has nothing to do with this. I just know “things”. We are not phsycic (or are we?????????)Catch you later, Laur!

    Dear Much Older Sister,

    I would classify us as being very intuitive….except when it comes to love and relationships.

    In that regard, I am oblivious.

    I am surrounded by ghosts all around me.

    And even THEY don’t want to date me.

    Your MUCH younger sister,

  5. That’s it-we will just have to exorcise you, my young embryo. Those ghosts have been getting in the way. Maybe when we come to Houston in June, we will have a meeting and shoo them away. We will get this fixed one way or the other. Never fear, young one, your older sisters are here for you!
    Kathy (the old chick)

  6. By the way, I think that “ghost” picture in the castle is actually Mamo Seale.

  7. I think it looks strangly like Jigsaw from the saw films, minus the black swirly things on his cheeks of course! Could be the real thing though!

  8. Sarah

    As a believer in the paranormal and an admirer of Red Hugh, I would love to see those pics you described. I truly believe it is the spirit of Red Hugh,returned to his beloved Eire & Tyrconnell


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