Tuesday’s Comedic Melange


I’m a firm believer in the restorative power of laughter and never have we needed that more  than right now.     Times are tough.  It’s hard to smile, much less laugh when your financial future is twittering away before your very eyes.

So, small dose that this post is, it’s should still enough to make at least a little difference in the course of your day…...I hope.




Strange headlice…..I mean, headlines: 









Out of the mouths of babes!

Every year, the city of Austin, Texas holds it’s pre-Lenten  Carnival blow out, held on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday.  

I only went to one back during my college days and it was fun.   My then boyfriend and I were impoverished as many college students are and we spent a whopping, bank account compromising four bucks on two cheap, plastic garment bags.  We opened the bottom, zipped ourselves  in and finished the look with Day-Glo colored taped coat hangers which we opened in the middle and wore as if the bottom wire had penetrated our heads.   

I wish I had a photo of us, but alas I do not.

But I’ve got this photo taken at this year’s soiree.   This costume garnered a lot of attention at Carnival a couple of weeks ago.  It’s timely and collagen injected.

octo-mom-costumeIs Is it just me or do you look at this photo and think of a very fertile Black Dahlia?

And speaking of Octomom, here’s how Jimmy Kimmel envisions the birthing of those eight kids to that crazy ass mom.


One comment

  1. I could watch that chimp in the bar video one zillion times! Nice juxtapositioning with that adorable cherub singing the Lord’s prayer. Maybe a little spooky. But you’re so right about power of laughter. Thanks Laurie 🙂 ♥

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