I find it ironic that a man at death’s door can receive an aorta from a pig,  survive the operation, his body never rejects the sinewy bovine arterial transplant and in months, he’s up and around and living with a strong ticker which gives him more time on this planet just to eat more bacon.

As some of you might be aware, there is in the overall price of gas at the pump,  a substantial transportation fee to ship fuel by truck to established retail outlets across the country.   That being the case, it’s ironic that in the American capital of oil and gas production–the Houston suburb of Pasadena, gas is always just as high if not higher at the Valero, Exxon and Texaco stations right across the highway from the very oil and gas plants that produce the stuff.

It’s ironic don’t you think, that we die as we are born.  We come to this world pink, wrinkled and helpless and we die very much the same way.  The only thing missing of the role of Mom.  By the time a person reaches this age, the mothers are no where near,  uh….because they’re dead.

It’s ironic, I think, that back in the early 70’s, the Chevrolet Nova intended to be a HUGE hit among  car buyers in Mexico wasn’t, because in Spanish, the words “no” and “va” means “no go”.

Isn’t it ironic that some women claim they’ve never been in a lesbianic sexually compromising situation with another woman, YET…they’re here and alive today because of  a successful vaginal birth??

Don’t you think that  it’s most ironic that the several of the institutions that got us into this fiscal hell hole we’re in, are the only ones who can eventually, get us out of it?

I feel there is a certain amount of irony to Barack Obama’s self proclaimmed comparison to Abraham Lincoln.    The President is a Democrat.  Lincoln was a Republican.  Lincoln spear headed abolition–he freed the slaves, yet  Obama is seemingly trying to enslave the country with some ridiculous tax proposals and policies.   For one thing, Obama thinks the FCC should have some power  in limiting talk shows, because they’re mostly  conservative and that leaves the Liberals without a voice?   What the farouk???  I’m pounding my size 9 Hush Puppy against the pulpit in protest at the U.N.!!  

For starters, they had Air America and that went limp like a straight man forced to live with Rosie O’Donnell.    Secondly, there are plenty of liberal mouthpieces on the air;  there’s that hagfest,  “The View”, the big three TV networks, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, not to mention CNN and Obama’s campaignn headquarters, MSNBC.    And besides, If I were Obama, I sure wouldn’t  align myself with old Honest Abe at all.  No sir, I’d keep my distance.  I mean, after all, the guy learned to write and did his cypherin’ on the back of a big spade.


  1. Your are the saddest person alive. My pity for you could not be more great. Also you don’t seem to know the definition of the word “ironic” please take a moment to look it up.

  2. Sometimes dear lady, when I find myself in the same environs as you, I am completely blown away with your ability to turn a phrase. “… went limp like a straight man forced to live with Rosie O’Donnell.” was one such phrase. How do you do this? Whence comes the wit? Inborn? Education? Talent? A combination of all that?

    Keep ’em comin’ darlin’, keep ’em comin’.

    Oh, and when I moved to my wordpress environs I forgot to add you back to the blogroll. That egregious and unforgivable error has been corrected.

  3. Jane Pauley?? On the Today show??

    What the hell are you interviewing for??? A remake of WKRP??? Are you going to be Bailey or Jennifer??


  4. speaking as laurie’s sister, you couldn’t be more wrong about her being the saddest person alive. obviously, you aren’t around those who have to be institutionalized. ever have a bad day or a streak of bad luck in your life before? laurie is just going through some stuff anyone could go through and she will come out of this a winner. she needs no pity from anyone as she could tell you herself.

    however, thanks for being concerned. she is looked after.

  5. Yes, the institution has guards who come to contain me whenever I feel like acting out and in doing so, I become the scourge of the blogging world that obviously, Young David thinks I am.

    Dear Sister, God knows I would never want to speak for the likes of a person such as David, but I think when referring to me as “sad”, he meant my specific reference to Obama, Lincoln and the large gardening instrument. Calling me “sad” was probably a much better substitute for the other judgmental adjectives he was actually thinking of–ignorant and probably racist, the word du jour being liberally bandied about these days.

    He never proclaimmed his political affiliation, but I would gather by the tone of his comment, he is a Democrat. And that makes him superior in his politically disease addled mind. He, like the rest of his party, was simply doing what he does best—whine, gripe, deflect responsibility and cast aspersions.

    The words, “vast right-wing conspiracy” come to mind.

    I hate to burst your donkey shaped bubble, David, but I have well defined grasp of the ironic. But I gather from your response, you have no clue as to what satire is all about.

    I wish you the best, Dave. I hope you grow up to be a liar, a drunk, a purjurer, prevaricator, glad hander, ass kisser and book cooker like so many of your role models and idols in the top echelon of your party.

    Good luck in prison,

  6. Laurie,

    I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks. I like your sense of humor.

    One thing, though. The institutions that got us into this mess *allege* that they can get us out of it. They have no proof. HA!


  7. da_5_id: Back off my friend Laurie–you are the saddest person alive–isn’t it ironic that you called Laurie sad, while you took the time to comment on a blog that you apparently took the time to read, but apparently do not like. What is sad is that you thought that making your little cowardly comment on a computer screen would someone make Laurie feel bad and what?…quit writing?…say ‘I’m sorry?’ I have an idea for you–instead of spending time criticizing someone becuase by attempting to appear righteously more intelligent why don’t you simply tune out and find your kicks on another site–like “Yes we can dot com” or “America sucks dot com?”

    And hey David–if you haven’t paid your taxes in a while, maybe you could spend your time serving as a cabinet member for your Dark Lord Obama. (and “dark” is reference to Star Wars, not some hidden racist joke you simpleton)

    Okay–whew–that felt good–thanks LK for letting me rant on your site–feel free to delete if you want.

    BTW–how did the second round of interviews go? Hope you kicked ass!


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