Out of Commission

Being the loving, concerned and caring mother I am,  I’m terribly worried about my computerized progeny.  She’s contracted bubonic plague or Kuru or something and cannot function for more than five minutes at a time without freezing up, shutting herself down, being inundated with gay porn, airline ticket discounts and an opportunity to meet horny housewives in Houston.

Delightful….not even stuff I’m remotely interested in.

See?  Even Trojan Horse viruses hate me.

Anyway, I’m taking my cyber daughter in to see her cyberchologist this afternoon in order to determine what his non-English speaking ass can do for my ill, but erstwhile daughter.   She needs help.

He assures me  that I’ll be porn free and completely incapable of meeting horny Houston housewives by pop up and no later than Wednesday, then I’m heading to the Hills for a few days.

So, please come back next week.   Monday; Tuesday at the latest.  I promise, more hoot awaits you.

Gee, you’re lucky….a huge bill for major computer douching awaits me.



  1. Yes, we will be making some fun Sisters memories. Hopefully, we can conger up some spirits–also, the drinking kind. We will be staying at one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Wish us well and good luck!

  2. Uh-oh. LaKendricks Three! Hells , YES! This is the best news I’ve had since my cough syrup prescription was refilled last Friday. DUDETTES!! Some off da hook shit best be goin on out there. You all need it!
    Drink for Those Who Can’t
    p.s. the quaaludes are being sent by Fed Ex for delivery tomorrow a.m.

  3. We will definitely be conjuring up the spirits-ie. drinking them up. We’ll be thinking of you all out there . . . NOT!

  4. okay, Sisters Kendrick–Gang up on Karol–I’m cancelling the Fed Ex order.
    p.s. not

  5. nanciE-thanks but no thanks on the ludes. we want to be open minded for the “spirits”. i’m sure laurie will have some tales to tell next week.

  6. Spirited Away! Don’t forget your video camera so you can watch it and be able to see just what you were up to! Surprise!
    sisterhood rocks!

  7. LK, I’ll be ready to hear all of you and your sister’s ghost stories! Have a drink on me!

  8. I FULLY intend to get my swerve on and flirt with men along San Antonio’s famed Riverwalk.

    If nothing else, my failure at flirting with men will be terrific blog fodder next week.


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