And Now, A Message From Laurie Kendrick

In order to hear this message,  click here.

BUT FIRST,  READ THIS!!!super-bowl

For the full effect, listen, don’t read along.  It might take a second or two for it to download.  If so,  wait for it.  Also, there’s a slight delay in the middle, but the silence will eventually be filled with the second page of the message.



  1. By the way, it is not football because it is not a ball and they do not play it with their feet. They carry and throw around what appears to be more like a testicle than a ball. Ergo, the game is testicle carrying and throwing.

    Football is what you would be inclined to call soccer.

  2. That was so neat and I’m so glad to be able to read your blogs again ( my computer crashed, I was without it for a whole week)!

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