A Dog Fight Between Catholics & Presbyterians



PS…I just received word that a British reviewer of some sort, called one of my blog posts, “High School  I Remember When“,   “extremely American and very weird”.

I couldn’t be more pleased!!!



  1. After reading this dogmatic battle, I think I’ll become Roman Catholic.

    It’s good to be back.

  2. Only someone from Britian would say your blog was extremely weird and American. What would he know about humor!

  3. Well, Laurie, you DO know, of course, that Catholicism is the True religion. Proof, you say? Name one horror film you have ever seen where they call a Rabbi. Or a minister.

    If you need those demons exorcized,
    Call the Church that won’t be surprised
    When your head spins around like a lazy susan
    And pea-soup vomit, and bangin and bruisin.
    Those demons are terrified of priests,
    And some of them be ugly beasts.
    But when those priests come around, those demons run fast.
    ‘Cause they don’t like to get fucked in the ass.

    now, excuse me, I have to go back to hell.

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  5. I like it, but why do the Catholic pictures have:
    The same cars in the background
    What appears to be, the same blades of grass
    The reflection of branches on the notice board seems identical
    The Presbyterian picture seems to have:
    The flowers at the same growth stage in each frame.
    Same sunny day in each (ok, so you always have sunny days)
    Each picture taken from the exact same spot and angle

    Perhaps I shouldn’t question God’s work

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