See How They’ve Grown!!

Through the magic of a process that is as close to Darwinian evolution as it gets, we age.

We grow up.   We mature.

From fertilized egg to zygote…to fetus…to baby…to toddler…to child…to teen…to adult…to Senior Citizen and ultimately,  corpse.  Isn’t it ironic ( if we’re lucky enough to  lived a long, full life) that we end up as we began:  pink, wrinkled, helpless.

It’s hard to imagine that some people were ever children.  The notion that my grandparents were ever young and vibrant never entered the picture.  But they were.   Even Tony Rezko  was once a tyke.

And then there are the celebrities…the glitterati.  I wonder what some looked like in their formative years.

So, I sought and yes, I did find. I found pictures of what this planet’s most illustrious luminaries looked like all those decades ago.

In fact, I pilfered all but one photo from e-baum’s world.









What a LOVELY GUY Tina Turner was, huh???





And last but not least…



Laurie Kendrick





(Check back Sunday morning 12/21/08 for my annual stranger-than-shit Christmas post)




    and breathe.

    Вы восхитительный, Kelly.


  2. That’s sounds about right, but that’s German…at least a part of it is, Gesundheit means health. The rest of it is misspelled to the point of being untranslatable.

    Happiness is gluck with am umlaut above the “u”. So that doesn’t come next in the sequence. I don’t know Sister, the last two words, beat the shit out of me.

    Anyone know this toast? Know enough German to make sense of what my great grandfather was saying when he made a toast?


  3. What a cute little Girl you were!!!

    Was Nonie a big fan of the Dick Van Dyke show? Rose Marie maybe!!!!!

  4. YOU BITCH!! You remember me looking that way, dontcha? That was me during the Mrs. Porter years.

    Do you remember Michael Findley? What happened to him? Remember how his mother always decorated his sandwiches according to the seasons. He brought a Christmas tree shaped pimento cheese one year and an Easter egg, pastrami and Swiss cheese on rye. She was very artistic.

    Was Margaret G. in Kindergarten with us? I remember Celeste Ellis, Martha King, David P. Was Ralph Gilley? Keith Rippstein?

    Who were some of our classmates? I know David was there. That meant we went through 13 years of educational chaos with the same people.


  5. HAHAHAHA!!!! I love that picture. I have that picture somewhere in my house. I will have to find it! I think it is cute. You look sooo grown up. That wasn’t kinder. That was like 1st or 2nd grade. I don’t remember taking pictures with Mrs. Porter.

    I AM NOT A BITCH, I AM A SLUT!!! Not really, just kidding! That’s what happens after a few rum and cokes!

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