Beauty & All That “Eye Of The Beholder” Shit

(Republished by special request.  Original posting 10/6/08)


Governor Sarah Palin, the former beauty queen is being hailed, by some, as the Republican’s secret weapon.

The truth is, no matter what you might think of the woman’s politics, character, experience or moral fiber, she’s easy on the eyes.  

Admittedly, she’s pretty.

And not necessarily in a nasty High School valedictorian or naughty librarian way, although the glasses and that hair up-do of hers, give her an air of wanton studiosity.   Wait, is “studiosity” a real word?   Maybe not, but neither is “nucular” and well, “you betcha” no one is going to tell a real, gosh darn, doggone “meeeeyaverick” anything different.

Palin has also been good for john McCain’s numbers.  She’s very well liked by those who like her and she’s also been good for ratings at “Saturday Night Live”, at least since Tina Fey started impersonating her three weeks ago.

And viewers have loved it!! Eaten it up, in fact.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, since the season began in early September,  “SNL” averaged a 7.4 household rating/18 share in the metered market overnights, Nielsen Media Research said on Sunday afternoon.  That’s within a tenth of a rating point of its September 13 premiere, which itself was the highest-rated show since December 14, 2002, when Al Gore and Phish appeared.

“SNL” is up 49 percent in the metered markets compared with the first four weeks of last season, as well as up 42 percent this past Saturday compared to episode No. 4 last season.

Why are ratings up?  The reason isn’t soley because of a few well written jokes about Palin.  Oh no, no, no!!!.  They’re up because (as we stated earlier) of Fey’s spot on impersonation of the Alaskan Governor.  The former SNL head writer is no longer a regular–she currently writes and stars on the Emmy award-winning NBC offering, “30 Rock”,  but comes back from time to time and has appeared as Palin during every one of the show’s opening segments since the season premier three weeks ago.

The two bear a striking resemblance.

It’s uncanny really.

Are Palin’s good looks,  as some Libs fear,  really the Republican’s secret weapon?  Is that, coupled with the fact that a popular NBC star looks just like her, making Dems uneasy?  Well, in some circles, more than a few Democrats have hinted that Palin’s physical attributes are a concern.  They’re thinking that her allure could possibly translate into more votes for the Republican ticket at the ballot box next month.

Come on now, Dems…you know this is much ado about nothing!!  OK so, Palin does have movie and TV star good looks.  So what?   I’m here to tell the Donkey party that you haven’t a thing to worry about.  There are lovely women in mainstream roles with liberal leanings who bear strong resemblances to many well-known American icons.

The Dems just need to play them up more.

For example:  Much more could be made between Hillary Clinton and her resemblance to one of the symbols that so aptly describes the art of a thespian–the Mask of Tragedy



Then, there’s former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright.  You know, there absolutely is something about that wide, down sloping nose with flaring nostrils of hers and and a downward pointing arrow.   It’s not exactly an icon of the living variety, but you’d be hard pressed to find a basement, cellar, an escalator or federally mandated fall out shelter without one!!



There’s the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Ren, Stempy’s best friend!

,,…. ,


Finally Democrats, you’ve really nothing to fear with Governor Palin’s looks.  As I’ve proven, you also have your share of lookers.   Your lovely Ladies of the Left are also things of…of uh…of uh, things of beauty to be treasured and revered and if you don’t believe me, well, the proof is in the pudding with our last offering.

Talk about your icons!!


Venerable Liberal-leaning journalist, Helen Thomas and one of the Talking Apple Trees from the beloved movie classic, “The Wizard of Oz”.




  1. I was just thinking of you this very day. You’re Catholic, Driver? Have we discussed that? I guess I forgot.

    Happy Advent to you, Darlin’ and let’s effort to have that drink or four that we’ve been talking about at the Algonquin in ’09, shall we?

    Dorothy and Robert B. would want it that way.

  2. Not yet, Karol, but once I know, everyone here in blogland will know as well. I do know the wedding will be broadcast live on the internets for those of you who can’t make the trip to Las Vegas. We’re thinking sometime in the summer…

  3. Congrats Key. I think it’s great. Is she a fellow blogger? It’s odd how these things have become something of a means for hook-ups. Blogs have been the bane of my existence in that regard.

    Has she met the Messiah? Do they get along? You’re a native Houstonian (by way of The Island) and she’s from California, right? For some odd reason, this sounds sublimely familiar to me.

    Gotta love the almighty blogs!

    Be happy, be well. It sounds like you found your smile again. Good. I love hearing this news.

    Unfortunately, I’m leaving town for a couple of weeks and won’t be back until 1/6/09, so I’m afraid I won’t see you this trip. Hate that, but well, destiny just might be calling. At my age, I have to answer all incoming communions.

    I wish you nothing but happiness……asshole.


  4. Hey Laurie, check out my Christmas post that you commented on…..We seem to have really hacked off Peter Noone with our disrespectful treatment of Herman’s Hermits. He was annoyed enough to have also left a snide comment in my Printemps post. You can always tell a true has-been celebrity by how much they Google themselves.

  5. Key, we sometimes didn’t see eye to eye but I do wish you the best of everything. We all have a right to be happy. Here’s hoping 2009 is everything you hoped. My luck and
    best wishes to your fiancee.


  6. Yes, she’s a fellow blogger. No, she hasn’t met the Messiah yet, but we have time. Karol, I thought we always got along rather well. Laurie, we’ll meet sometime.

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