The BCS? Utter BS

Admittedly, I am ignorant in terms of how the BCS works…or doesn’t work as this season might indicate.   I’ve heard it consists of voters from every conference and they are, I suppose,  coaches, writers and maybe a wife or girlfriend or two.

Voting????   What a ridiculous concept and one that’s wrong, wrong, wrong when it comes to determining the nation’s best college football team.  But this year, this system worked “fine” providing you’re chromosomaly challenged and love Oklahoma.  If that’s the case, the poll worked in your favor,  but not so much if you’re a Texas fan–or even someone who backs the Boise State  Broncos.

Am I bellyaching because my beloved Longhorns beat OU 45-35 in the neutrality that is the Cotton Bowl this past October and because of verbal gerrymandering, will not be allowed to play in the National Championship game???

In a word, yes.

Now, hold your water there, Skeeter.  I know all too well that Texas Head Coach,  Mack Brown politicked fiercely to get the Steers in Rose Bowl to play Michigan at the end of the 04′ season.  He probably angled far more egregiously than OU’s Bob Stoops did to get BCS voters to shove the Sooners passed the Longhorns  at the end of the regular season (did I mention that the Horns beat OU??)  enabling them to play in the National Championship game against a gridiron juggernaut also known as Florida.

Now, I ain’t no Miss Cleo, but it wouldn’t take her or a swami or the half- blind, perpetually snot-nosed psychopath who wears a parka in August and “lives” in a median near my house to predict that Florida will mop the stadium’s H, I, J, K adn “L”  sections with the Sooners.  I also know that will have a trickle down effect which will ultimately result in  forcing Ohio State to drink the nasty ass bucket water.  Couldn’t happen to two nicer teams (Oh and just a reminder, Texas beat Oklahoma this year and toppled the top rated Buckeyes in ’05 to eventually win the National Championship and will emerge victorious  again in the Fiesta Bowl next month).    I could only be happier if somehow A&M was involved…providing of course, the team actually had the talent to play college football.

But alas poor Yorick, that shit ain’t happening!

It goes without saying that it is high time that the BCS cease and desist with this archaic method of voting.  A PLAY OFF SYSTEM THAT IS FAIR AND EQUITABLE MUST BE IMPLEMENTED!!!    The process of elimination has to be in play.  Without it, the current system consists of  uneducated and biased voting AND unholy manipulations vis a vie temper trantrums as Stoops and Mack Brown have so proven.  Coercion simply isn’t fair.  And yes, I’d still feel this way even if the Longhorns WERE playing Florida (well, maybe there would be far less vitriol involved in my rant)., but that’s irrelevant.   I still think we need to institute a play off system.  It works (to a degree) in the NFL though it still amazes me that a team who’s lost seven games can still be declared a “world champion”.

But hence the reason for the saying,  “on any given Sunday”, I suppose.

What I am about to admit before God, man and blog will result in my risking significant taunting by my fellow burnt orange bloods, but I am nothing if not a realist.  While Texas is a great team lead by the moxie and natural instincts of God’s vicar on Earth (Colt McCoy–and you have to admit, that is one helluva great name for a jock!!), I do believe that Texas beat Oklahoma last October.   Emphatically.  Soundly.


The damn Sooners reinvented themselves after the loss to the Longhorns and in doing so, they unleashed a series of placing big old “W’s” in the win column that can ONLY be described as “fierce grudge victories”.   That said, I think the final score would be different if the two teams played again.  Nothing against my beloved Longhorns, but OU plays with a fire in it’s belly.    However,  I don’t think a 30-ton blast furnace shoved in their colons would be enough to help them beat Florida, but perhaps Oklahoma is the team that should be the  one that loses the BCS Championship game.

There.  I said it.

But that still doesn’t negate the fact that the BCS system’s current ways and means are  severely flawed and a playoff system must be integrated.   Voting based on prejudice and favoritism doesn’t cut it.   Hell, that’s the difference between a team that’s the best in the nation and one that’s the most popular.

My God, what’s next?  A swimsuit competition?


Well, I gotta give him points for the nice powder keg legs though.



  1. Hi, Nate, you must be there somewhere. I get these feelings-ask Laurie about them. I know you are here or is it just you casa or whatever your name is? You are so done-Laurie has yet to meet her match-there has been only one that could have come close and he doesn’t live here anymore. Hey, Cheryl and anybody else there that I know.

  2. I am here-tried to answer but you were gone. Everyone is gone on a Friday night but us-uns. So you got Nonie’s tree presentable? How many ornaments does she have on it? Are those angels still hanging onto the limbs? Hey, girls, remember that awful angel hair that daddy insisted on draping the tree with? If you walked too closely, you got cut!

  3. We started the garland “wind” and ended up short at the bottom with half of it not going around. Looks real, well, you can visualize, can’t you, sisters? Looks like a real Nonie tree.

  4. I think a good topic tonight would be family Christmas traditions-ridiculous and funny stories only. This especially true for those dysfunctional families that we all know and love.

  5. Is it typical? She got all the usual crap out too? Like that smoky glass ash tray with the gold tree? And that cup and saucer. So I was in the Target the other day and looking at ornaments. I don’t remember buying a single ornament at Christmas. We just kept rehashing the same shit from 1950.

  6. Think about it…they never bought new shit except for angel hair and tinsel. It was always that cheap stuff at Mercantile or Kuhnel’s. Remember that Christmas on Main when we realized it was a cool conductor of static electricity?

  7. Remember those little bell ornaments? I begged her to give me the only one she had left-you know for sentiment. I you and Kathy are interested in having your angel from the Rowans, I have those, too.

  8. remember that awful aluminum garland (that was all smashed and flat that she insisted on winding around the tree? You are right, we never bought a new ornament that I can remember. The Rowans gave us those angels and she stuck tjhem inside the tree and they looked scary just flooting there.

  9. They used to be stark white. Now they’re baby doodoo yellow. Age hasn’t been too kind to those poor ladies.

  10. They were all identical. Kathy, I’ll give yours when you come Friday. Laurie, you can have yours whenever, too.

  11. it’s been up for 2 weeks!!! and no it’s just fake fir with lotsssssssssssssssss of lightssssssssssssssssssss. I have all of my shopping done. hey, nothing wrong with fake ones,-just hang one of those little pine tree things for your car on one of the limbs and you will get that piney fresh smellllllllllll.

  12. I haven’t had a tree since 2002. I have all my ornaments. Never felt like putting one up. I have ornaments that Larry and I bought in 1981. We did the entire tree in cheap plastic Warner Brothers cartoon characters.

  13. do you put up that angel? I think I still have the scarf-that’s the warmest thing I had to wear that day it snowed-Laurie and I were talking about that the other day.

  14. I didn’t have time to get a real one this year. Too much going on.

    Such goings on, such goings on!

  15. 1981. We had a 2.5 foot tree and one string of lights and gold beads filled it completely. We were so broke as students, that we found a little yellow Ziggy star with a smiley face on it and that was the tree topper. It was a cute little tree

  16. I love putting up the tree. I especially love sitting there early in the morning with nothing but the tree lights lit and a cup of coffee.

  17. mine was blue, pink and navy I believe-I will go see if I can find it. I brought it with me everywhere we moved. Strange, isn’t it?

  18. I think the last time I bought a real tree was4 years ago. I still had carpet in the livingroom and that beast of a tree, which was 12 ft. tall, had the nerve to tip over, hitting my white wall, leaving a stain of green pine color and spilling out all of it’s sugar water on my carpet. That’s when I decided I shouldn’t have a real tree.

  19. hi, MC-everyone I see your name I think of frying marbles as a young girl? anybody remember that????

  20. I think there was a red one, a gold one and a turquoise one. I vaguely remember the scarves.

    Remember the Rowans had cool garland of nothing but tiny gift wrapped presents? I always loved that

  21. Our Christmas season always began with our St. Nick celebration at Mama Kay’s house.(dad’s mother) It started out not very formal-in fact, she would use her hosery as stockiings for us and would fill them with candy, fruit and nuts. She had to hang them from the ceiling cause the weight would stretch them to become 8-9 feet long! Then through the years she did have real store bought ones-I would get cookies, Karol would get a box a chocolate covered cherries and oh, yes Laurie , weren’t you at Nanny’s house?

  22. she was hiding something-with all of those relations-she just didn’t want to buy all those gifts! Laurie, tell them the story about your gift to our grandfather/daddy or whoever he was. That still just cracks me up!

  23. I remember when all I got was a box of chocolate cookies. hahahahahaha And the another year I got a black Chatty Cathy. OMG Those women never did get it right.

  24. I wish we could continue on with that St Nick tradition but too many aren’t here anymore. Daddy screwed that up royally.

  25. I remember when those nylon stockings would sack almost to the floor with all the crap they put in them. So ridiculous when I think back on that.

  26. fishsticks?? and it’s Friday? takes me back to the old days of the meatless Fridays. Also, the pimento/cheese sandwiches and fritos( that was before Doritos were invented) mother would fix before we would go to those glorious Fiday night football games that the whole town attended. Kind of a south Texas Friday night lights thing.

  27. Karol, I found my plaid scarf-still looks like new! That is the strangest thing…..why would we keep up with those things all of these years? Did Laurie say she doesn’t have hers?

  28. Don’t forget the pimento/cheese was on diet rite bread and those cokes were in the little green bottles. She would dress up all up. What was that? We had to wear freakin dresses to a high school football game.

  29. yea, and they had to be fall plaid with our little polished saddle oxfords(for those who remember) and as we got older the shoes became penny loafers! Gosh, that sounds old…..

  30. she said she had a hankering for meatballs-you doesn’t do anything half-handed. She likes her meatballs, that’s for sure.

  31. I picture her meatball as one huge blob of hamburger. Rolling all over Houston, picking up people and smothering them as it rolls along.

  32. used to be old-I am slowing down but still feel young at heart. Laurie, put the leftovers away and get back to work!!

  33. used to be old-I am slowing down but still feel young at heart. Laurie, put the leftovers away and get back to work!!

  34. kind of like a snowball only grey colored with stuff poking out of the sides-leaving a large nasty grease stain along it’s path.-Arms, legs and other appendages sticking out of the sides-yuk..

  35. Can anyone out there tell me where I can find an old tv commercial? I’ve looked in youtube and googled the hell out it. It’s a 1970 or ’71 Sprite Christmas tv commercial. Are there other places to look?

  36. Kathy now that’s funny. Ever see the movie “The Blob” where this huge thing rolls over people and kills them and it gets bigger and bigger. The old Steve McQueen movie had it so big it covered a diner until it was sprayed with 26 fire extinquishers and they froze the thing. Then they hauled it off to Antartica or someplace.

  37. We’re alone on her blog, Kathy. Feels kinda weird with just you and I on. You don’t suppose everyone else got raptured, do you?

  38. well, Wes just drove up so it could be true!!!other than that, I haven’t had contact with anyone but you in the last hour!!!

  39. She told us to meet back here at 7. It’s now 7:59. Where is she? I could be reading my People magazine in my room with my tv blaring.

  40. did so out of on 16 oz can of generic Kroger tomator sauce..seasoned the hell out of it. Right tasty, mighty fine.

    Good eats Kathie, uh-huh, Gonna take me a mess a some down to the Coast Country,uh-huh

  41. what? no Ragu?? Now every southern lady wouldn’t be caught dead without a bottle of that stuff in her pantry!!

  42. just like any good southern lady wouldn’t have a foil pan of peach cobbler in her freezer( I almost forgot about those homemade cinnamon rolls, too!)

  43. Lar, lar, lar-did you have your secret seasoning? you know that stuff that tastes like licorice?

  44. if you sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of those cobblers-they look just like homemade. -Ancient Chinese secret-uh-uhh

  45. I need a good computer chair. Sitting here typing makes my back ache. This chair puts me right at boob height with the desk. Bad.

  46. not that drunk. just a little tipsy. i dont’ seem to know where my glasses are. i can type but i need my spec.s

  47. no bloody marys-wine, vodka tonics, margaritas =these are my choices. So C are you about my age? sounds like you may be.

  48. OMG, Laurie, I think he works for the government!!!that is all that you attract these days. Casio, do you have an accent??

  49. I know who you are and I saw what you did……….uh-uhhhh Karol, and Laurie I am feeling the grace.

  50. Laurie, are we the only ones here tonight? have you checked your hits? sometimes this feels like and sounds like some old comedy reruns-

  51. I am kinda getting that feeling. If you are reading tonight, Nate, and want to jump in, please do. You have nothing to fear or worry about…..

  52. and while Karol is doing this, remember I am on the floor underneath the bear rug running to and fro on the ever so slippery genuine wood floor. that’s the way we like to meet new people.

  53. and while Karol is doing this, remember I am on the floor underneath the bear rug running to and fro on the ever so slippery genuine wood floor.

  54. I just want you to marry a politican so we can celebrate Holidays in the White House-can you just imagine some of our family members being let loose in there????

  55. Picture Karol’s dogs running up and down the staircases!Big Virg sitting there in one of those historic leather chairs watching his TV and Karol has her computer set up on the antique desk in the oval office.

  56. well, I guess that’s it, C-I sure thought you may have been old Nate. You would have liked him. Take care and have a nice weekend.

  57. well, I guess that’s it, C-I sure thought you may have been old Nate. You would have liked him. Take care and have a nice weekend.

  58. he’s in his historic chair now, pooing. dogs are running up and down the stairs chasing each other and i am sitting at an antique desk however, my office isn’t oval.

  59. One can argue that the rules are not very good and need to be revised. But we should never take away the accomplishment of those who play by the rules. The BCS tells us that Florida and Oklahoma are the two best teams in the country and should play in the championship game. We should accept it as it is. Save the criticism for next year.

  60. We should accept it???? Are you serious, Leafless??

    For one thing, when you have millions of bowl dollars on the line, every money hungry institute of higher learning in this country, would beg, borrow and steal to make it to the top of the collegiate heap. When that’s the case, rules kind of fall by the way side. To think that any team completely plays by the rules (with so damn much at stake) without a degree of whining, manipulation and influence peddling, is looking at the world through Pollyanna spectacles.

    That said, nope…sorry; I disagree wholeheartedly. I think the system by which the BCS ranks teams (by voting) is inherently flawed. Not only that, it’s archaic.

    I’ll say it this year and yes Leafless, I’ll say it in subsequent years as long as things remain the same: a play-off system needs to be implemented. Yeah, I’m a bit miffed that my team got the short end of the stick but that certainly DOESN’T negate the fact that there needs to be a playoff system. I’d voice that opinion even if my team were facing Florida for all the marbles. Why? Because it will take a round robin/playoff scenario to determine which two teams are good enough AND HAVE EARNED the right to play for the national championship. Without a playoff system, the spoils go to the most popular team or at the very least, the team with a fresh, impressive win always moves to the forefront in the minds of many voters.

    How is that fair? Because the BCS tells us it is????

    Utter nonsense.

    If your team is either Oklahoma or Florida and you’re happy with the way things are, mozol to you, but I’m not and I won’t go into that great goodnight without voicing my opinion. Frankly, I’m not sure how you could urge me or anyone to do otherwise.

  61. CONGRATS Key! I am so happy for you. Please tell us about the proposal. I love romantic stories because there sure as hell ain’t none around my house.

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