You’re So…So “Different”

On numerous occasions I have been told by relative strangers and even stranger relatives that “I’ve never  known anyone quite like you before”.

These days,  I take the statement at face value.  Before I would’ve pried and insisted on knowing in what context the statement was made.  Not any more.  Now, I really don’t even care the genus of the sentiment; how he or she, for that matter, arrived at this opinion.   It no longer matters, because I insist on believing that it is a positive--regardless.

And whenever I’m told this, I think to myself, this calls for a little Edwyn Collins.



I love this song and therefore, give it an American Bandstand score of 86 for the beat.

I think it’s from 1994 and I always thought  he sounded a hell of a lot like a cross between  Bowie, Iggy Pop and lead singer from Men At Work–Collin Hay, is it?

Edwin is Scottish and my age thank you very much.  He was part of the punk scene in the U.K in the mid to late seventies with his group, Nu-Sonics, which ultimately evolved in to  Orange Juice in 1979.   The band had a few underground hits and was critically received in indie rock circles.

In 1985, Orange Juice disbanded, and Collins then  pursued  a solo career, which resulted in what you’re listening to now–Collins’ best known hit–this one,  “Girl Like You”, fared well in both  UK and the US.  The song was featured in the films, “Empire Reocrds;  Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”. and can heard in  the 1997 movie soundtrack of, ” Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”.

Collins lives with his wife, Grace Maxwell, who like Sharon Osbourne, is also his manager.   The couple, who live in London and have one son, William, who is also his father’s webmaster.

In a live BBC 6 Music radio interview, in February 2005, Collins said he felt ill and blamed the nausea and vertigo he was experiencing on food poisoning.

Not exactly the case.

Two days later he was admitted to the intensive care ward at a London hospital after apparently suffering a major cerebral hemorrhage.  He underwent an operation on Feb. 25 reportedly after suffering a second hemorrhage. The procedure was successful, and Collins is currently working on a lengthy program of neurological rehabilitation. He has significant weakness on his right side which resulted in an inability to use his right arm and hand.  And that prevents him from playing the guitar.  It’s also affected his gait.  Rehab has helped some.

Collins released his sixth solo album in September 2007 entitled, Home Again” which was recorded before his illness, but he mixed it after his discharge form the hospital.  Collins is still on the road to recovery, and he has recently returned to singing live, including playing a recent gig at The Arts Theatre in London.

Edwynn Collins has always had a cool, unique sound.  I’d imagine he still would at the half century mark.  I’d encourage you to peruse You Tube and listen to his other offerings.  I like the cat’s sound, but admire his strength and fortitude in his recovery just as much.   To me, that’s the true testimony of unflappable spirit.

He’s a survivor and I respect survivors.

I don’t know this man and frankly, there’s a better chance at striking a legitimate peace accord in Gaza  between the PLO and Israel than my ever getting to meet this man, but If  were ever lucky enough to be introduced to Edwyn Collins, I’d shake his hand and  tell him,  “I’ve never known a guy like you before”.



  1. well, damnit, this stupid computer didn’ wait for my complete response. (guess i must be “different”…no, i think the word my mother used was “difficult.” Sorry.)

    So, here it is: needlepoint it on a pillow, write it on your car, get it tattooed on your butt, whatever:

    NanciElizabeth–also “really, really different.” I always say “Thank you!”

    Now, go out there and get your different on.

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