Out To Lunch

Well, my home PC has caught computer chlamydia or diptheria or one of them ailments ending in a vowel and was not only working glacially slow,  but kept getting  pop us ads for “The Born Freak Monkey Sex” porn site and ads from  Yuri, espousing the wonders and sexual hotness of Latvian mail order brides.

I have taken it in to the Cybercologist who’s treating it for whatever computer malady it’;s suffereing through.  I’m told it’ll be released from back into my custody later this week.

So this is all you get for the time being.   Can’t even make fun of the election.  Ouch.  That hurts.  I’m already having pundit withdrawal.

You might be asking, “How is she able to publish this epic piece of journalism?”  Well, I’m using the public computers in my mid-rise’s IT room for the poor people in the building who either don’t have computer access or like me, have promiscuous PC’s who contracted something communicable.  And sadly, I won’t be able to use this computer much longer.   This “public computer environment” is rather frightening.  The chair is sticky; the keys smell like this odd melding of curry adn bananas,  plus I keep  getting pop up ads for  monkey sex.

Well, that explains the sticky chair, I suppose.

And the stinky keys.



  1. Sorry about your computer troubles. I know how uncomfortable it is using public computers. I feel the same way when I’m living in a hotel for a week and have to use their “business center”. It’s icky and it’s impossible to concentrate enough to really get anything done right.

  2. I told you you would catch something nasty if you didn’t quit looking at PORN sites!!!!!!HAHA

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