Wayne Explained Again


John Gacy.

Elmer Henley.

Two completely different people, from two different parts of the country.  Gacy was from Illinois; Henley is from Houston. Other than the fact that they were both men, they had little in common…except for the fact that they were two of the worst serial killers in American history.

And they share a middle name: Wayne.

Old news, you protest? You’re right. The prolific nature of “Wayne” as a middle name among criminals has already been addressed many times. But I’d like to shed some light on a few things, if I may. You know, maybe even dispel a few fallacies, especially where names are concerned.

First of all, not every criminal has three names.

For example: Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT go by Lee Harvey Oswald in his everyday life. He was known by friends, family and co-workers as Lee . He used Lee Oswald, as a rule.

The three name scenario is often the result of a very thorough booking officer. When police write up their reports, for proper ID purposes, they’ll invariably include the suspect or perpetrator’s full name: first…middle…and last, usually obtained through a driver’s license.

The media then reports the full name and it sticks.

As for “Wayne”, it’s undeniably a very popular middle name among criminals.

In the spring of 2006, UPI released a list of names of criminals with Wayne as a middle name.


Darrell Wayne Maness, 19, Wilmington, N.C. (January)

Timothy Wayne Ebert, 40, Cleveland, Texas (February)

John Wayne Blair, 49, Sevier County, Tenn. (April)

Derek Wayne Jackson, 18, Norristown, Pa. (April)

Nathaniel Wayne Hart, 34, Austin, Texas (April)

Kenneth Wayne Keller, Denton, Texas (August)

Ronald Wayne Lail, Burke County, N.C. (September)

Timothy Wayne Condrey, Caroleen, N.C. (September)

Roy Wayne Russell, Vancouver, Wash. (December)

Jeremy Wayne Hopkins, 22, Denton, Texas (November)

Reginald Wayne Thomas, 23, Huntsville, Texas (November)

Matthew Wayne Almand, 18, Melbourne, Fla. (November)


Donald Wayne Shipe, 37, Winchester, Va. (May)

Emmanuel Wayne Harris, 28, Bisbee, Ariz. (February)

Tyler Wayne Justice, Alice, Texas (September)

Douglas Wayne Pepper, 44, Greensboro, N.C. (November)


Dennis Wayne Bagwell, 41, Huntsville, Texas (February)

Lonnie Wayne Pursley, 43, Huntsville, Texas (May)

Melvin Wayne White, 55, Hunstsville, Texas (November)


Police in New Scotland, N.Y., arrested Corianna Thompson for the murder of her mother. Thompson’s birth name was Corey Wayne Balashek, and before his sex change, he had served nine years in prison for another killing. Authorities believe Thompson/Balashek is the first American  and the first, uh….person with the middle name of Wayne to be arrested for homicide in both genders.


Interesting, huh? Yes, it is but there’s more. Here at Laurie Industries, we uncovered more names and more Waynes.

O.J. Wayne Simpson


Phil Wayne Spector


Osama bin Wayne Laden


Hugo Wayne Chavez


Martha Wayne Stewart


Andrea Wayne Yates





And what the hell…..


Hillary Wayne Clinton




  1. News of the weird is published weekly by Chuck Shepard, who decided a couple of years ago that murderers with the middle name of Wayne were so common that he could no longer claim them to be “weird”. Accordingly, he stopped mentioning them after some 225 cases over a dozen years. That’s about 19 per year.

    I’m sure that this means something, but I’m just not sure what.

  2. This is absolutely not funny at all…so why am I laughing so hard?


    Osama Bin Wayne Laden!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. Dude seriously? Hilary’s name is “Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton” O.B.L’s name is “Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden” O.J’s is “Orenthal James Simpson” ….are you smokin somethin? Where the HELL did you get yur info from bc it aint even CLOSE to right!!


    Gee, Wesley Stringfield,
    I can only hope you’re as good as sarcasm as I am…but since I don’t know you, I’ll have to take the benefit of the doubt and assume your comment is somehow, serious.

    If that is the case, Sir, then I can only respond to your comment with equal “eloquence”–seriously dude?????

    Mr. Stringfield, the gist of this post was about the commonality many criminals have with the middle name “Wayne”. The series of famous names placed at the end of this post included some of the biggest criminals (or in my opinon, the ethically or integrity challenged) in contemporary times and when I gave them the middle name of “Wayne”, that should have been painfully obvioius that it was satire. Martha “Wayne” Stewart and Andrea “Wayne” Yates weren’t enough to at least illicit some suspicion??? This was satire, but not just satire….OBVIOUS satire. Even to dolts.
    I am sincerely, SINCERELY sorry (even more than you could possibly now) that a concept which was not at all nuanced, seemed to be beyond your grasp.


  4. Another – Patrick Wayne Kearney was convicted of 21 murders in California in the late 1970’s, He has claimed to have killed about 35 boys and young men.

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