In Actuality…Going Down???

There’s a helplessness that exists in the current incarnation that IS the Democratic Party and it’s enough to make the late Speaker of the House and distinguished Texan,  Sam Rayburn turn over in his grave and die once again….of embarrassment.

What you’re about to see, in my opinion, perfectly exemplifies the Democratic Party.    It’s funny and incredibly, sadly accurate.



The Left is needy, pablum brained and must be told what to do and when to do it.    There must be governmental intervention at every turn.  God forbid there should ever be personal accountability and responsibility.

This is why Democratic run New Orleans, which was decimated after Katrina, is still in the news three years after the fact, and the Republican stronghold that is Southeast Texas, also demolished by a horrific hurricane a mere month ago, fell off the national MSM radar two days after the storm made landfall.

In the simplest of terms, we know how to walk up stairs.

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