My Mid-Week Indulgence

I am not an avid network TV viewer.

There are many, many shows which I’ve never seen.

I have  NEVER watched a single episode of:

  • Star Trek
  • Friends
  • ALF
  • The show which features that Erkel miscreant
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • CSI
  • Law and Order
  • E.R.
  • If it starred/stars Suzanne Sommers or that SAG card holding, equity generating, no-talent Melissa Gilbert
  • Taxi
  • Alice
  • HATED “The Cosby Show”
  • Lost
  • Heroes
  • Anything on the WB

And there are scads of other shows I’ve never laid eyes on.

It’s as though a show’s wild popularity instantly turns me off.  Once it’s plot or characters become water cooler fodder, I won’t watch it.   I’m like an iconoclast that way, I suppose.   The only exception is “Frasier”.  I loved that show,  but I was never a fan of “Seinfeld”

So no, I don’t watch that much TV.  If it’s on, it’s background noise.

HOWEVER, I do have one Wednesday night weakness; an indulgence, if you will.

Let me preface this bold admission with the following disclaimer:  I am an intelligent, well-read, educated woman.  I have keen logic and I am a sensible, rational Ovarian who’s delightfully edgy and rife with piss, vinegar and at my age, rapidly depleting estrogen levels.  That said, I will admit to you before God and a pantheon of Mesopotamian mythological deities, that I firmly believe in the existence of ghosts.

Spirits, spooks, phantasms…..Casper.

I’ve had more than a few experiences that I will convey to you sometime in the future, but for now,  suffice it to say that to me, they are real.  So that’s why I watch “Ghost Hunters” on the Sci-Fi network, every Wednesday night.   Reruns begin at 6pm CST and then continue on with  all new episodes starting at 8:00 Central.

Check your local listings.

It stars Grant and Jason.  They’re two Roto Rooter plumber types who founded “The Atlantic Paranormal Society” (or TAPS for short) several years ago.   They’re friends and they live in Rhode Island or Jersey or someplace in the Northeast.  They’ve dealt with septic systems together and when they weren’t doing that, they investigated  regional hauntings.  I suppose they had some credibility in terms of their craft because Sci-Fi offered them a contract for a weekly, one hour show four years ago and it’s done quite well since it’s debut and well, let me put it this way: I think they’ve augured through their last stubborn doo-doo clogs.  I do believe ghost hunting for corporate sponsors is now their full time gig.

Mozol to them both.

They’re likable guys.  Decidedly blue collar types who ask, “What the frig?” when something inexplicably ghostly happens.   I like their show very much.  I’ve seen a few things on it that have just fascinated me.  One episode which focused on a haunted light house in Florida a few seasons ago was absolutely riveting.  Their cameras caught a ghostly image leaning over a railing of an upper floor.

Wait, never mind my rant; see this for yourself.


Yeah.…cool, right?

And then after Ghost Hunters, I continue watching for my second favorite Wednesday night  Sci-Fi Channel indulgence: “Destination Truth”.

Josh Gates is the host of this show and he is extraordinarily cute.  You see, I like pudgy guys who look like they once played rugby and now look as thought they lift more Stouffer’s family size lasagna trays than free weights.

And this pretty much sums up Josh Gates.

Here’s his photo which was either air brushed or taken while he was on Atkins.

He’s a bit heavier these days and frankly, that makes him perfect in my eyes.

I like him because he’s also funny; a smart ass and to host a show like “Destination Truth”, you’d have to be.

Josh and his entourage of erstwhile actors, researchers and myth and legend finder-outers/debunkers go all over the world in search of monsters and ghosts and gnomes and anything remotely paranormal.  They use the latest equipment to either prove or disprove the existence of these things and that means they go into a lot of remote, exotic locations which also means they probably need a lot of inoculations, Kaopectate and Quinine water.

Josh uses his indelible wit to describe the settings and the scenarios in which he and his crew often find themselves.


Ah, he’s so cute.

And smart, too.  He’s a Tufts graduate; has his BS in Archeology (I think) and he’s done a little acting here and there.  Regrettably, he was born the same year I entered my Freshman year of college which makes him so much younger than me that he’s practically sperm, comparatively speaking.

Anyway, that’s all I know about the lad.  I have no idea who he is, what he is–I don’t know if he’s married, single, straight or the biggest San Franciscan ass wizard that ever lived–none of that matters.  He’s cute,  smart and funny and he, along with “Destination Truth” and “Ghost Hunters”, help make my Wednesday night the high point of my work week.

Well, those two shows and Xanax.


  1. I’m an avid fan and believer too – and you’re right on about Josh – he is cute!

  2. I love Ghost Hunters too, except for that dumbass Brian. I’ve been watching Paranormal State, and what I like about it is that it seems to pick up where the Ghost Hunters leave off. If they hear a ghostly “Help Me” from the stairwell, they actually attempt to help. Their medium gets on my nerves almost as much as dumbass Brian, but he is very intriguing.

  3. Michelle,

    Brian is an uneducated idiot with a horrible attitude and as far as I can tell, he has about 32 more teeth in his mouth than should be there. When he smiles, I’m always reminded of a front end loader.

    And I HATED Andy when he was with TAPS. They’ve since shipped him off to Ghost Hunters International and it’s because of that annoying, know-it-all, anorexic queen that will NOT watch GHI. Can’t stand him.

    And furthermore, I have a tendency to dislike ANYONE who takes things to a ridiculous level and refuses to budge–from religious zealots to Democrats to ghost hunters. When these guys try to get incredibly technical about the pseudo science that is parapsychology, I get a little sick to my stomach.

    I watch the show not to learn anything…they’re not there to teach and if they think they are, they’re sadly mistaken, I watch it to be entertained and further instill my belief there are in fact, things that do go bump in the night.

    And often.


  4. What you wrote, Kendrick

    “I have no idea who he is, what he is–I don’t know if he’s married, single, straight or the biggest San Franciscan ass wizard that ever lived”

    is the best line I’ve heard in ages. That’s a new one. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  5. I LOVE Ghosthunters!! I always watch to see if they ever get called to my old house in the historic avenues of Salt Lake… that house was seriously messed up. There was baaaad stuff there. I’m always tempted to go talk to the current owners and ask if they live in fear they way I did all through my childhood… it’s a great show! All I know is that house has changed ownders like 5 times since my family moved out…?

  6. I’m with you, I think the TV era ended with the end of “Get Smart.” I did see one episode of “Desperate Housewives” though, and I thought it was funny as hell. Never saw “Murphy Brown,” and I only see Seinfeld ’cause my kids watch the re-runs. Because I travel overseas a lot, I was fortunate enough to see “Frasier” on those weird video loops that the airlines run when the main movie is over and all of your sissy fellow passengers are trying to sleep and I’m still trying to flag down the stewardess for another drink. That was a funny show.

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