Times When It’s Appropriate To Panic

We are constantly reminded that we need to relax; that stress is a killer.

Yes it is and yes, we ought to try our best to eliminate as much fear, worry and panic from our lives as we can.   Easy to say; not always that easy to do.  In these times of fiscal insolvency; global uncertainty and when health care is almost impossible to come by, of course we worry.  And if that’s not enough, we have a tendency to “sweat the small stuff” because well,  let’s face it; at times, small stuff can snowball into really big, all consuming issues.

But sometimes, feeling panic is legit and the ONLY emotion we can or should muster.  Indeed, panic has a proper time and place.

Below, you’ll find a series of photos which clearly define what these appropriate moments are.







And last but not least…..



  1. You know, I was okay in my Zurtec induced coma reviewing these until the last one–then my head actually exploded–LK, I’ve left my blog to you in my will–please help it along.

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