Sly And The Family Foam

What do you do if you’re Swedish or Flemish or one of those other European “ish” nationalities and you’ve a lot of time on your hand AND you fancy yourself as a creative, abstract thinking right brainer with access to assloads of foam and a photographer friend with plenty of film and even more time on his hands??????????????

Well, you grab some foam, an exacto knife and produce an “existential” slide show called “Today Is The Day”.

Featuring foam people.  You know foam; the solid, squishy colloid?

I’m not sure what this is, but is was so damned strange I had to bring it to you.  I’d imagine that Ingmar Bergman would have found it odd; Fellini?  Not without dwarves and a sad, balloon holding clown traipsing in a Romanesque fountain at dawn, but this weird opus d’foam makes an “interesting” weekend post.

Open at your own risk though;  doing so will only mean you’ll lose precious minutes that you’ll never get back.   We’re talking strange stills that feature birth, death, suicide, self-inflicted surgery, hydroponics, mutilation, cloning…the usual stuff you’d find originating from the screenwriting atelier of a one Mr. M. Night Shyamalan.

Personally, I don’t get the dynamics of this piece–not even creatively speaking.   Perhaps you will.

So, click here to darken your soul and to curse my existence as a defacto enabler of the wierd.    This, as you embrace the emotional scars this slide presentation will no doubt imprint on your psyche.



  1. Strangely awesome. For whatever reason, it reminds me of the Rejected Cartoons (even though yes, I realize they have nothing in common besides utter bizarreness.) Thanks for sharing!

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