Ah Yes….The Failed Bail Out

I don’t know that much about the economy…not enough to make an educated comment about it one way or the other.  But I know this much:  if you think this mess is Wall Street’s fault…or that the responsibility lies squarely on the now crumpled shoulders of Freddie and Fannie, you’re sadly mistaken.  We’re in a heap of trouble and it’s also bi-partisan irresponsibility that’s brought us to this point.

And while I’m aware the blame for this problem is one that goes across the board, I still cannot and will not EVER understand the Left.   As I’ve said many times here in this blog, I don’t like the Democrats because they have become a party of finger pointers and whiners.  They have this mindset that Clinton was God and that life was so rosy when he was flinging his DNA throughout the Oval Office.  We were operating at a surplus and everyone was happy.  Well, if we had a fiscal surplus under Clinton, it’s because we also had one under Reagan and Bush 41.

Well, life under Clinton was anything BUT rosy for some of us.   With a pen stroke, he single-handedly destroyed my livelihood and ruined radio.  I’m referring to the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which deregulated radio ownership and plunged a scimitar deep into it’s heart.

I’ve made more money and worked steadily during the Bush administration…more so than I ever did during the Clinton years.   So, whenever I  hear Democrats disdainfully discuss the evils and perils of “the past eight years”, I get a little bile lodged near my uvula.  Bush hasn’t been an exemplary president–not by any means, but neither was Clinton.  While I’ll be the first to admit “W” has been ill advised on a number of things, he’s also had to deal with extraordinary matters and issues with which  few other presidents before him have had to contend.  I think many people are forgetting that.  In fact, some people are choosing to ignore this altogether.

I grew up in the 60’s and ’70’s..I still have a few leanings that could be construed as Liberal-esque.  I still have an interest in and a keen desire for the propagation of certain social programs but NOT in their current state.  Most programs are fractured–beyond repair in some cases, but there’s still a need for the truly deserving.  That said, I’ve become increasingly more Conservative as I’ve gotten older and fiscally, there’s little doubt where my politics lie.  But even so, I was never in support of the bail out;  not until they cut the middle class a break.  That’s who’s really hurting.  Big business be damned.

Let’s listen to the Speaker of the House addressing Congress as she informs members of the evils of the bail out.


I agree with  political vampire, Bela Pelosi in theory, but what she says makes my blood boil–especially the part about President Bush.  As I see it, what she and so many other anti-Republican glad-handers are forgetting  about are those little “monkey wrenches” that were thrown into “the past eight years”.  Oh, you know; those pesky, little things that might have negatively affected that illustrious Clintonian surplus such as:

  • September 11th (which occurred less that nine months into Bush first term)
  • The tsunami
  • Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Ike
  • The fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • The massive tornado in Greensburg Kansas
  • The bridge collapse in Minnesota
  • Corporate greed (Enron, World Com and Martha Stewart)

And that’s just a few of the tiny troublesome but costly things that have reared their heads during “the past eight years”.   But obviously, Pelosi and the mob of angry, torch and pitch-fork wielding villagers of Democratia have extremely selective memories.


  1. LK: You left out a couple of other things:

    -Paris Hilton’s arrest
    -Brad and Jennifer’s break-up
    -the TV series “Cavemen”
    -Florida winning the NCAA football and basketball titles
    -UT losing to A&M last fall
    -OJ’s second trial
    and of course,
    -the damn “Green” movement.

  2. What is weird about Bush killing Paul and Merv is that they are both white–after all, we all know he used Halliburton to generate a Hurricane to wipe out New Orleans, the racist bastard that he is!

  3. Although I have no direct proof, I do believe he is responsible for that Asian chick, who gave me a pedicure last weekend, scrubbing my foot so hard she broke the skin and I bled. Just a little blood, mind you, but enough to make me curse W…

    Oh, and while I’am at it. I also think he is responsible for that damn mortgage bill that keeps showing up every month. Sure, sure, we can pay it because my husband makes gads of money under W’s administration, and we didn’t foolishly take a HELOC or buy bigger than we can afford, but still, it pisses me off. I’m forwarding the next one to the White House. How dare he just ASSume that I can and will pay my bills, bastard.

  4. LK, Murph and So. Goddess,

    He also created Paris Hilton, Euro Disney and is responsible for every carb that fat lard ass Michael Moore stuffed in his pie hole.

    Democrats are virtuous. Hillary NEVER accepted campaign contrubutions from Haliburton and of course, Obama bin Biden are completely refusing all monies from big oil. No, they wouldn’t do that. Waaaaaaaaay too much integrity.

  5. I had the runs this morning. Bush’s fault?
    My prostate is the size of Pee Wee’s Herman. Bush’s fault?
    The wife can’t get a crap stain out my big white drawers. Bush’s fault?
    The man must be incredibly powerful (more powerful than any president we’ve ever had) to be able to inflict this kind of “damage” to so many people, places and things.

    And LK, I LOVED “Bela Pelosi”. Classic Kendrick.

  6. Almost ten years ago, a number of medium to larger sized banks began making a practice of underwriting loans of questionable security to poor and lower-middle class people looking to buy. This was partially a result of liberal (i.e. Dems) threatening some kind of legal action against banks that were “redlining” certain neighborhoods (the practice of not writing loans for certain areas based on high risk).

    When insurance companies sock a 22 year old driver with higher rates, we understand that it’s because they tend to have more accidents. But when a bank doesn’t loan money to someone making just above minimum wage, they’re told that they are discriminating based on race or geographic area.

    I used to live in a 80 unit condo association that saw about 3 foreclosures a year – and these were low-end condos. When people had to fix their car or pay some large bills, the first thing they would stop paying was the condo dues. If you can’t afford to live there, eventually you’ll just move and let the bank take it. The bank then has to sell a condo with a $85,000 mortgage for $40,000. Now apply that by all the marginal loans out there. Whoops.

  7. It’s a colossal mess, Tom.

    Everyone is at fault. We were too liberal when we should have been more conservative and when we tried to be conservative in areas that truly warranted it, we were told that we we being discriminatory.

    Screw big business. Bail out the damn middle class!


  8. So, how did Bush get the Bela Pelosi “You Tube” video off the air? Now he’s censoring the enemy-
    You’re almost correct-everyone is at fault except Frank & Dobbs-they’re above repuke-I mean reproach.

  9. “Screw big business. Bail out the damn middle class!”

    I agree with you there! Part of bailing big business IS bailing middle class, though. All those 401k accounts people are counting on are invested in…wait for it…big business. If the big guys tumble, so do us little folk. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    However. The outrageous parting gifts to the high and mighty bigwigs responsible for this mess would be better spent as a subsidy for small business owners. Hell, we know how to actually keep a budget. ;0)

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