The latest technological advances from Warsaw regarding due diligence against the menacing and often fatal aspects of structure fires. 

Behold…the Polish Fire Alarm!!!


  1. From what I remember of Jiffy Pop you have to shake the crap out of it in order to have most of it pop. Guess this would work best in California.

  2. “Jiffy pop, Jiffy pop, the magic treat. As much fun to make, as it is to eat. ” The smell alone will chase ya outta the house to safety…

  3. In light of WWII, you would think that the Poles would want an alarm that does not sound like rapid gun fire.

  4. Okay–that last comment was insensitve and foolish–I should never leave comments when I’m already cranky.

  5. We still have Jiffy Pop in southern Indiana. Every time I try to make it, it burns black.

    I love politically incorrectness, don’t you? Doesn’t everybody with a brain and a sense of humor?

  6. Greg you are too kind–I can kill 2 birds with one stone here–I can accept Comment of the Year while at the same time accepting Insensitve A-Hole Of the Year–It will be a Combo-award. (insert smiley face here) (can’t actually use a smiley face because LK hates them–see previous post)

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