What An Asshole


Nagin joke not funny to evacuees

Saturday, September 13th 2008, 10:53 PM

NEW ORLEANS:   Mayor Ray Nagin says he was only joking when he suggested that Hurricane Ike evacuees request a discount – the “Nagin special” – when they stay at New Orleans hotels.

But when evacuees got baffled looks from reservation clerks, some didn’t find it funny.

Nagin’s remark prompted a hotel association to send an e-mail urging business owners to make appropriate accommodations in the spirit of cooperation. Nagin said it was a joke and just “my attempt to lighten the mood.”

One Texas evacuee told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans that it “was not a joking matter when you’re running for your life.”


That’s right, make jokes and after everything Houston  and the state of Texas did for your piece of shit, corrupt, municipal oligarchy.  After Katrina, we lovingly, generously took in almost a quarter million of YOUR people- the ones you obviously didn’t care enough about to order a mandatory evacuation to get them out of a city surrounded by a system of levees that were inadequate at best.

This, in the face of a large, Category 3 hurricane.

And when it was over, WE fed them; WE housed them, WE comforted them, WE nursed them back to emotional and physical health while you played the blame game.

How utterly tactless and tasteless; then again, what really should I expect from a narcissist?  How dare he.  I am appalled by anything that comes out of this incompetent ingrate’s mouth.

Fuck you, Nagin.


  1. You also suffered a massive crime wave from those displaced NOLA-holes if memory serves.

    When Katrina evacuees fled to Nashville, we didn’t have to wait for Nagin. Our own liberal establishment was already attacking the churches who volunteered to help for being too white.

    An interesting theory nonetheless. If taxpaying Americans should only help people who “look like them” then we can trim hundreds of billions in government handouts and all foreign aid tomorrow morning.

  2. Maybe they reelected Nagin because there was no one else so foolish as to run for mayor. What a heartless monster!

  3. Fuck him indeed. I gotta tell you, I love Josh and his southern ways and all, but sometimes I look at the way your government does things and I have to take medication. Fuckwits.

  4. And when it was over, WE fed them; WE housed them, WE comforted them, WE nursed them back to emotional and physical health while you played the blame game.

    Then they looted, robbed and stole from us after they bought liquor, tattoos and jewelry with their FEMA debit cards.

  5. What an unbelievable and unforgivable prick.

    I remember last year when we were under siege from the fires here in San Diego…and Randi Rhodes was using the occasion to claim a “blackwater” conspiracy.

    I personally invited her to come to San Diego and stand in front of us and spew that shit again.

    Which is what Nagin should do. Come to Galveston and try to explain to people who have just lost their homes exactly what the joke was.

    Fucking asshole.

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