An Early 60’s School Film & Cautionary Tale Redubbed For 2008

Remember these special “how to” elementary school films, my dear mid-40 somethings and older folk?

These carefully homogenized, Anglo-centric, post-Eisenhower, Cold War era celluloid efforts, like the prodigious Mr. Bungle series, taught us to be kind, courteous, studious, clean, neat, responsible and decent young, white children.

Well, drop some acid like you used to do and take a “trip” down memory lane. What you’re about to bear witness to is a school film we  wish the sexually ambiguous PE teacher we had in fifth grade, should have shown us.

Gee, that would’ve been swell!!!


  1. LOL – all of us in here – ROF!!!!

    Geez, Louise… I remember those gems like it were yesterday. I think of them fondly.

    Lemme hear from you soon.


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