OK…Let’s Talk Sarah Palin


I’ve had some time to eat, sleep, drink and in some cases, rail out and snort all things Sarah Palin.

Tuesday night, I wasn’t so sure about Sarah Palin.  A mere 24-hours later, I started feeling differently about her.   I’m talking about her address before God and man from  the floor the Republican National Convention.  I think my feelings have changed about Palin in part, because of what she said, but also because of what everyone else is saying about her.

Let’s start at the start:  I fixed my Republican myopia on Fox News all night long.


Hannity and Colmes…

I watched Giuliani (whom I would have fiercely campaigned for had he made it to the top of the  G.O.P. mountaintop)  and that great speech was followed by a much anticipated introduction that couldn’t have been more regal had there been pasty skinned court jesters, evidence of generational in-breeding, maloccluded overbites and a sparkly crown or two.

Then Sarah Palin took the stage.

Strong.  Eloquent.   No bullshit.  Take no prisoners.  Offer no quarter.

El Deguello.

I’ll give her those things.

And if I can remove from the equation the annoying fact that she named her kids all those funky, strange 90’s gender ambiguous nouns like Piper, Pottsdam and Threshold or some shit, I will admit I like her–I should say, I’m starting to like her.  Of course, she towed party line, but she also added a little spark to the stage.  She got a few calculated anti-Obama/Biden digs in, but she didn’t spew abject vitriol at the Democrats…but it was enough.  It’s clear who she’s running with and who she’s running against.

Sarah Palin did what she had to do.  She introduced herself to the world.   She alluded to her own foibles and her normalcy.  I liked that.  She seemed real and in the world of stoic Conservatism that’s all too often ruled by rampant XY chromosomes, that was welcomed.

For me, anyway.

Palin joked, she laughed and as far as confronting her Democratic accusers and their questions about her experience and executive capabilities, she gave it right back to them.

She addressed the fact that she is a working mom. A successful working mom.

Now, let’s talk discuss that for a second.

This is what I was talking about at the top of this post when I said that Sarah Palin did her part at winning me over, but what’s really catapulting me on the Palin bandwagon is all the Democratic bullshit about her.   Out of nowhere, Democrats, who have made it a point to go eschew traditional values, are suddenly worried about her abilities to be Vice President and be mom to five kids including one with special needs?

Give me a break!!

In 1992, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on  60 Minutes with her husband who was the Democratic candidate for president.  When asked about her very active role in his campaign, Clinton responded with something to the effect  that she could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what she decided to do was to fulfill her profession which she entered before her husband was in public life.

The comment ignited a firestorm of controversy.  Many women were livid, stay-at-home moms were outraged and from what I hear,  the Board of Directors at Keebler wasn’t too happy either.

Two weeks later, in one of the most pathetic attempts at recouping lost PR lost points from the 60 Minutes debacle, Hillary released her favorite chocolate chip cookie to a curious American public.


I can only imagine some White House intern found a bag of Chips Ahoy and hurriedly scribbled some semblance of a recipe from the ingredients section off the back of the packaging.

Yeah right…as if Hillary Clinton was at home in her kitchen whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies made “from scratch” with sugar, Niacin, Thiamin Mononitrate, cocoa processed with Alkali and of course, just a pinch of partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil.


Hillary was a mom when she served her eight year term as Co-President.   No one questioned her about the separation of Motherhood and State.

Our current Speaker of the House (who’s third in line to the presidency, by the way) spat five kids out of her Pelosi.   Did that…DOES THAT make preclude her from her duties relating to heading the House and the majority political party or performing administrative and procedural functions while remaining Representative of her congressional district?

Yet, somehow all of a sudden, the hypocrisy spews forth.  Governor Sarah Palin has five kids and according to every liberal Democrat I know, that means by merely joining McCain on the ticket, she’d be doing working moms and women everywhere a HUGE disservice?????   She should be home raising her kids??

It’s called “balance” Democrats.  I know that’s a foreign concept to you, but working Mom’s across the globe have been doing it for centuries.

Well there you go Sarah, you’re slowly winning me over, but I must admit, your detractors are helping.   But I’m starting to like what I’m seeing, what I’m sensing.   I also get the feeling that you’re a “doer” as opposed to a “bitcher”.   Stay the course and I’ll do my best to support you.

Just change your kids’ names.



(And while you’re thinking of cool adverbial phrases that young Bristol Palin (who’s currently ripe with fetus) can name her baby, check out “The Carnival of the Insanities”.


  1. “She addressed the fact that she is a working mom. A successful working mom.”

    Let’s see…her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. My mother would disown me if I got a girl pregnant.

    Plus, the point about her being a mother of five raises an excellent question. How is she ever going to be able to be a mom and a VP at the same time? Especially with an infant, she needs to focus on her family problems before tackling the problems of the nation.

  2. It’s great to hear that your choosing of Palin had NOTHING to do with the issues:

    Values, Economy, Foriegn Policy, Environment, Terrorism, and the Supreme Court. Yeah, let’s pick based on who we’d like to drink tea with. That worked really well the last four years.

    By the way. Obama will lower taxes more than McCain for everyone making less than 122K a year. Source:


  3. You’re entitled to think what you want Torgeson, but I think you’re being incredibly short sided.

    Did your mom work? Did your mom earn a paycheck and rule the roost? If not, she was lucky and so were you, but in this day and age, most families require two incomes. Granted, not all of our moms are elected officials, but her ability to have kids; the fact that she HAS kids does not preclude her from working and governing and and mothering and doing all of with a great deal of success.

    I would even defend a Democrat if the situation were reversed.

    And lastly, as for your comment about your mom kicking you out of the house if you got pregnant? If that’s true, then I’m so sorry you were raised in such a hostile and nonsupportive environment.



  4. What an interesting syllogism, Laurie. You are increasing your support for her because you don’t like what her opponents are saying? Must make sense to you I suppose. “Governor Sarah Palin has five kids and according to every liberal Democrat I know, that means by merely joining McCain on the ticket, she’d be doing working moms, women and tampons everywhere a HUGE disservice?????” This is classic junk journalism. Half quotes without sources, throw a link to the Liberal Democrats who have said that. Besides the sentence has no meaning. Now I remember why I left you in the first place. Rabid right wing politics.

  5. Palin didn’t hit a home run, she hit a grand slam! She spoke whith brilliant clairity, conviction and supurb crainial apptitude! She nailed it on the head when she noted that no other male V.P. had ever been question about his ability to be a father.

  6. Actually Obama and his campaign havent said anything about her being a mom and Obama made a point to tell people not to delve into her personal life. Now as a woman lets see what kind of things are actually important enough to base your vote on:

    1) Lets say your daughter got raped – do you think she should be forced to carry the baby to term? Well Palin does. She opposses abortion rights even in case of rape and incest.

    2) Do you think we should be teaching our children the story of Genesis in Biology class? Well Palin does.

    3) Do you think its deceptive that Palin casts herself as a reformer who oppossed wasteful spending and pork and lobbyists when she actually hired a lobbyist to secure 26 million dollars worth of pork for her city? How about casting herself as a champion of renewable enrgy when she in fact didnt support funding anything besides oil?

  7. I don’t know about home runs and grand slams but she did beat the hell out of her opposition tonight. A baseball bat was involved.

    Loved this post LK. Anybody who didn’t like that speech is a commie and unless you sell designer coffee or Che Guevara t-shirts, their boycott is unlikely to effect your livelihood.

  8. Sarah is the bomb. I find delicious delight in watching the network schmoes finally cross the Hudson river and try to comment on the values and realities that are in the rest of the country, whilst trying not to end up on John Stewart’s Daily Show. Next thing you know, they will be breaking down a speech she gave in English class in 7th grade and pronouncing her grammatically unqualified. Speaking of which, who is actually qualified to be President/Vice President??? It’s not like one can make a parallel move into the job. Sarah has opinions, Obama has minions.

  9. I thought she had a good delivery on the speech…but from what I am seeing a lot of the things she gave as high points are greatly exaggerated. She was a PTA mom…shortly after her first kid was born 19 years ago …but she left the PTA before the second kid and hasn’t been back since. So I don’t think she shows she “can do it all.” She is like the rest of us…no time for everything under the sun. And I also believe that McCain would have NEVER picked a man with her same qualifications, which smells like a gimmick to me. Sigh.

  10. I think that Sarah is a breath of fresh air in this campaign. If you think Obama is going to lower our taxes (gag) then, ah, ok. He’s just going to raise the taxes of businesses, right? Well, what do you think those businesses are going to do? Right, they are going to raise prices. And we’ll all end up paying anyway. If you think he won’t raise taxes on everyone…then you haven’t been doing your research very well. I could go on and on….

    And the things they are saying about Sarah being a working mom just irks me to no end. They are setting women back 50 years by their drivel they are spewing. But still, I hope they keep it up. Because it will enrage us women that have to work, that have no choice in the matter and we do it everyday, day in and day out. A mother can’t be a mother and a leader??? Please! Honey, THAT’S ALL WE DO!

    (p.s. I like her kid’s names, btw 🙂

  11. I’ve always thought that the popular “who would I like to have a beer with?” test was kind of light-weight for such an important position as POTUS.

    The one I prefer is: “Who would I like to have watching my back in a bar-fight?” I think the answer in this presidential campaign is obvious.

    If you haven’t found the “Little known facts about Sarah Palin” site yet, you should. Very amusing. It is said of Sarah that when she attends a ritual blood orgy, she always brings the most delicious ambrosia salad.

  12. I can’t wait to read the National Enquirer scoop on Sarah’s extra-marital shenanigans. After the Edward’s fiasco, their journalistic stock went way up in my eyes. Hopefully there is video corroboration and an aborted fetus to go along with the story. All those long freezing dark Alaskan nights while hubby was away racing snowmobiles. What is an attractive little bespeckled lass to do?

  13. So Palin isn’t perfect.

    Then again, her track record of decision making goes beyond ‘I’m Barack Obama and I approved this ad.’

    As for Biden, he was on the wrong side of the Cold War (he was outraged that Reagan challenged the Soviets- and if he had his way at the time, Saddam would still be in Kuwait.

    Palin and McCain in comparison to Obama and Biden are worthy of being added to Mt Rushmore.

  14. I loved her last night–before I was unsure–but like you I’m proud of her for what she has done and is doing. I am traveling today (in Canton, Ohio) and I called my 12 year old daughter last night and told her that she should consider doing something she might think is boring–and watch her speech. I suspected that she would be an excellent example of a strong, successful woman who is also a strong successful mother, wife and person. My 12 year old watched and was unashamedly inspired. She called me back to thank me for the suggestion and told me that she absolutely fell in love with her.

    How dare the Democrats–the party of feminism–criticize her for not being able to juggle it all. Today–as if it wasn’t enough, Gloria Steinham has an Op-ed piece in the LA Times saying that she is not the right woman for the job–wow–couldn’t see that coming.

    And finally–as for the names–you are so right—what the crap is that about? Everytime I hear about names like Apple and Zora and Rastafarnastian or whatever–I think–did you guys not go to elementary school?

    I did–and Murphy was pretty safe until those sorry ass Blue Cartoon characters came out when I was in the 5th grade–the Smurf’s. Those sorry pieces of garbage.


  15. Touche, girlfrien’. She has inspired me to wear my thick black-rimmed eyewear today with pride (hoping I would look as Crisp, cute and trendy as she).

    She could use some Capitol Hill experience under her belt, and broader international interactions; that would boost my confidence in her ability to be a world leader.

    But, hey! She’s cute as a button, and I could just scoop her up and put her in my pocket.

  16. Laurie,
    This is your site and your opinion, and you needn’t defend yourself to any critic. Criticism of others is easy. It is true self-awareness and self-criticism that is lacking. Before anyone should flay someone else for their beliefs or opinions they should flay themselves wide open. And if they don’t have a knife to start the process, I am more than willing to lend them one.

    Now excuse me while I receive the Mother Teresa/Ted Bundy-Saint and Serial Killer award for heroic comments and offers to hand out knifes.

  17. The sad fact is, there’s hypocrisy everywhere. A few Dems are making asses out of themselves by glomming onto the family issues of a candidate, but it’s no different from what the Repubs have done to countless Democratic candidates themselves. They all suck!

    I personally don’t care one lick what’s going on with Sarah Palin’s family drama. We all make choices in life, and she and her daughter are entitled to make theirs (until the far right takes over the Supreme Court, then we’re all screwed). I’m a one-issue voter, anyway, so it really wouldn’t matter to me either way.

    No, the reason I don’t like her is much simpler.

    She shoots mooses. Or is it meese?

    I feel sorry for the mooses. It makes me sad to think of an innocent, unsuspecting moose being blown out of the woods by a gun-totin’ hockey mom.

    Poor mooses.

  18. Thank you, Laurie!! What a great post.

    Governor Palin is the reason I registered to vote this year. I haven’t registered to vote since 1992. She is a straight-talking, no-nonsense woman who is doing her best to raise those children WHILE working as the governor of Alaska.

    I thought Clinton was the best thing back then…even better than a dirty Martini. Even when Hillary made that crack about staying home and baking cookies, I thought, “Eh, a little faux pas. She was just trying to make a point.” Now I know she is just another Dem elitist.

    Ok, so Governor Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Most likely NOT what she wanted for her, but guess what? Life isn’t perfect and she’s standing by her daughter. That is what good mothers do.

    And as far as not being able to handle being Vice President BECAUSE she has children??? I’ve never heard anything so backward. You talk about a double-standard…it’s ok for a Democrat (namely PELOSI) but not for a Republican? Good Lord…what a load of crap.

  19. When Sarah Palin ran for Govenor, she received the support of fishermen around the state. We thought she would do things that would improve the lot of Alaska’s fishermen and therefore the coastal communities of Alaska. She was a Bristol Bay salmon gillnetter and she promise to increase processing capacity for the fishermen of Bristol Bay so we would not be put on fishing limits and let our renewable resource go to waste. She didn’t and we had limits again this year. The next ex-president Bush lifted a ban on oil drilling in the richest fishing grounds in the world, also in Alaska. This exact same area has the potential to supply the pacific rim industrial nations with all the renewable wind and tidal electricity forever. She has done nothing to oppose the Presidents actions or promote the states renewable energy sources. We thought she would support a bill strengthening the states cleanwater laws and stopping the development of the Pebble gold mine. This mine will threaten the spawning grounds for the worlds largest red salmon run and the living of all Sarah’s friend and neighbors. A Law suit in Alaska involving the pollution of the drinking water around the Red Dog mine demonstrates the weakness of the states laws and yet Gov. Sarah does nothing. We thought she would speed up the payments of court settlements due Alaskan’s for the damage done during the exxon oil spill. Instead the payments were dramatically reduced and are still unpaid. We thought she would reverse the privatization of our national fishing resources, that happened when Republican Senator Ted Stevens allocated half the fish in the Bering Sea to a fish processing plant owned by his son and other prominent alaskan republicans. She has’t done that either. We thought she would stop giving Alaskans resources to corporations and start helping us help ourselves. She is a huge disappointment and a mistakes as VP candidate. On the up side, she probably knows why hockey players sit in the penalty box and knows someone with a Russian name.

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