Back Next Week!!

Have a great long Labor Day weekend, kids. Laurie will be back Monday or Tuesday. And while you’re roasting weenies and your brain with beer this weekend, remember why you have Monday off.

That’s why you MUST salute the AFL-CIO, labor unions, teachers, broadcasters, firemen, retail clerks, street maintenance types, garbage collections people, nurses, housecleaning staff, rough necks, iron workers, welders, plumbers.

A/C techs, accountants, engineers, furniture movers, chefs, cooks, doctors, building management, conspiracy theorists, ufologists, glass blowers, Wilfred Brimley, photographers, social workers, EMTs.

Wait staff, cashiers, venture capitalists, surveyors, grocery checkers, those people who put the little clear, plastic things on the ends of shoelaces, farmers, call center workers, postal workers, financial analysts, brokers, judges.

Flight attendants, ranchers, veterinarians, pet groomers, ferriers, race drivers, horse racing jockeys, zoo keepers, jewelry designers, clothing designers, seamstresses, carpenters, meteorologists, upholsterers, dry cleaners, Inspector #6, movie directors, air traffic controllers, translators, phone operators, artists.

Hotel desk clerks, candy makers, bakers, diplomats, miners, convenience store clerks, rodeo clowns, clergy, soft drink bottlers, tamale makers, construction workers, bricklayers, working cowboys, yard care types, botanists, research scientists, career military.

Circus performers, bridal consultants, Lindsay Lohan, legitimate actors, mechanics, hair stylists, electricians, pilot boat captains, hotel concierges, deck hands, first mates, working fishermen, net makers, cartographers.

Hard working housewives.

Metal workers, bank tellers, PR specialists, coaches, pro-athletes, travel agents, Zamboni drivers, radio sales people, carpet layers, vendors, tile workers, record producers, comedians, club owners, distillers, media whores.

Law enforcement, phlebotomists, florists, jewelers, morticians, train conductors, chemists, make up experts, manufacturers, dancers, singers, pharmacists, census takers, musicians, composers, writers, architects.

Political behaviorists, energy analysts, dentists, chiropractors, IT types, Teamsters, outlaw truckers, mob bosses, human traffickers, strippers, titty bar bouncers, drug mules, meth chefs, bounty hunters, career criminals and of course, mercenaries, full time jihadists, pimps and hookers.

Let we forget, porn star fluffers.

And along those same lines–commercial airlines pilots, lawyers and politicians.

And also remember to…hey, I see you checking out my junk!

Not bad for a punctuation pooch (with dislocated hind legs)

I’m hung like a diphthong!




(__) .cccccc.)~~~
…..|| ……… .||


(Sent to me via e-mail. Original artist/bored guy with way too much time on his hands–unknown)



  1. Inspector #6? I thought it was Inspector #12 who made sure they didn’t say Hanes until SHE said they said Hanes. What did Inspector #6 ever do for humanity?
    Just wondering….

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