1. Love it. Am I the only one who finds Michael Phelps irritating? Actually, it’s not the man himself that annoys me, it’s the ass-kissing media coverage. The whole “American Hero” thing has started to sting. Umm, sorry but last time I checked you had to do something actually HEROIC to earn that “American Hero” mantle, and I hate to break it to you, Bob Dumbass Costas but the breaststroke doesn’t qualify.

    But I’m not bitter. Ha!

  2. I think you’re begrudging Michael Phelp’s athleticism by denying the heroics of his accomplishments. He is a hero to young athletes that aspire to break world records and to win with consistency under the watchful eye of the world media. I just hope that kid doesn’t have any secrets lurking, as a scandal would make a tragic case for those he’s inspired and entertained with his talent.

  3. I think you’re completely missing the humor here, Cobalt. This is a humor blog. That’s all. I’m not trying to make some sweeping political statement or commentary about his athelticism. Just his swimming prowress and how that relates to sperm.

    It’s a joke. Please see it as such and with regards to his being a hero, why on God’s name would you or ANYONE label him with that? That’s not only unfair but it’s an uhholy burden to place on the kid. He’s merely a mortal who wanted something so badly that he trained and trained and sacrificed to be the best in his field.

    That said, he’s an amazing athlete; not a God. Don’t treat him as such. But by all means, let me know if and when he cures the terminally ill or raises the dead. Then, I just might rethink my stance.

    Until then, he’s merely an extremely gifted swimmer.


  4. Funny. I must agree, I do not see why people are so hyped up about this guy. So he’s really fast and he won the most medals in that category, or something. I honestly am not into sports, but thanks to the way extensive (and exagerated) media coverage, it’s pretty hard to escape the simple “facts” that this guy kicks ass above anyone else. But, people are acting as if this guy went to China, ended communism, and helped every soul affected by that earthquake.

    If people can become a “hero” for things that are rather trivial in todays world (I don’t want to seem like I’m contradicting myself, but Jackie Robinson was really good at baseball…. AND he broke the color barrier. Now that can be considered heroic since he actually brought about a change), then, I should be hero too. For – I don’t know – juggling guinea pigs for nine consecutive hours.

    Not only heroes, but peoples’ concept of what a “role model” is is pretty quirky too. Why would you pick a shallow, anorexic celebrity who has no talent whatsoever as a role model? Just in general, why do people care so much about the life of some spoiled, rich actor who has done everything under the sun as if they deserve everybody’s recognition? It’s not as if they risked it all to change the world for the greater good of humanity. If they did, they wouldn’t be bringing camera men when they do charity work in a developing country (unless they’re being followed by the paparazzi, who are just as bad as celebrities, because they represent the average day idiots who are always try to find the latest scoop on “Brangelina”).

    I didn’t want to make a whole rant, but that’s it. Michael Phelps is just another athlete person, and I hope that within the next six months, I will stop seeing him in car and telephone commercials and posing half naked on magazine covers.

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