Barack, I’d Like For You To Meet This Kettle

Pot…kettle; kettle…pot. You’re both “black”.

But uh, ONLY metaphorically speaking, of course.

What a Bacrock of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. What? Do you think because Thomas is a “bro” that Obama should automatically be in his camp? Let’s face, conservative thinkers are never going to like a liberal presidential candidate no matter how bad off the U.S. becomes. And those to the left of center will never make an attempt to understand our Republican friends. The rich will get richer. The poor will get poorer. We’re just supposed to sit back and admonish, no matter who steps up to advocate for change, hope and optimism. I say, just give me the best man or woman for the job at hand today and let’s start with that clean slate.

  2. Chuck,

    A substantial part of me doesn’t even want to respond to your comment, but I feel compelled to do so and frankly, I almost resent the fact that I actually have to explain this.

    What I wrote has nothing…NOTHING to do with race. I sincerely want to believe that you are aware that the adage, “pot calling the kettle black” is indeed, an old one.

    I wrote “you’re both black” not because Barack and Clarence Thomas are African American. I wrote what I wrote because because I found Obama’s comments regarding Thomas’ inexperience and perceived inability to make sound judicial comments, completely ironic. In my opinion, Obama is a total neophyte. He’s a puppy lawmaker still wet behind the ears. What experience does he have? That said, how can he make those comments about Justice Thomas without coming across as absurd?

    I worry about Barack Obama. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a contrived candidate. One that’s processed, carved and honed at the hands of a political machine. At times, his woodenness is indicative that he’s merely reciting what’s been written for him. He gets into trouble when he goes off scripts. When he reads what the Daly political machine or George Soros composes for him he’s fine.

    As for what you wrote, I must respond with this: I’m in awe of those who “believe in change”. Oh yeah sure, you can change the man who inhabits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but this change in human scenery, illicits nothing substantial. Haven’t we learned anything? We’re all human–errant as hell. I firmly believe that change is perspective; change is luck of the draw. Aside from the ingrained vitriol we’re taught to feel based on political affiliation, if you made a million dollars under Bush, he was a great president. If you lost everything, he sucked. The same with every administration before the current one.

    No matter who wins in November, the war in Iraq will wage on. Mouth breathing welfare recipients who know NOTHING but living life on the dole…just as their grandparents did, will continue to milk the government teat. Come the inauguration in January, nothing will change. Gas prices won’t automatically tumble; global terrorism won’t cease; unemployment won’t rectify itself and the political graft, the abject lying among candidates and political malfeasance in general will continue to be a part of the Washington vista. Hell, it’s a part of every statehouse in all 50 states.

    The John Edwards of the world, regardless of political affiliation, will still have torrid affairs. Why? Because adhering to our core values–providing we have any–is a personal choice. Fighting temptation is a personal choice. Making the necessary changes in your life is a personal choice. We have options at our disposal. What they are and how we decide to implement them, is our call. Who lays claim to the office of president should have little or no effect on that. Change and all that it implies really is a matter of personal responsibility.

    Talk is cheap, Chuck and talking about change and making vacuous promises about it are just campaign buzz words. If Obama wins, fine. But do not for one minute think him a panacea–he isn’t. He will become just as much a puppet as every other man who deigned to lead this country.

    I’m not nuts about McCain either. I feel that our choices this election are extremely limited. Even so,I do love the concept of promise and dewy eyed optimism, but new blood in the White House–regardless of who’s it is–will only end up metaphorically creating more bloodshed somewhere else.

    And that my friend, is just how life works.


  3. I’m not crazy about McCain either, but with him what you see is what you get. Obama is a Trojan horse, and I mean that in the more modern computer virus sense.

    If he gets past the political anti-virus software we call elections, the shit will start multiplying exponentially and it will be very hard to stop, and it will destroy/corrupt most of our most important civic files and programs.

    I remain optimistic that there are enough grown-ups in our system to prevent a President Spamobama.

  4. In this clip, did you pick-up on the fact Obama started to say, “I don’t think he (Clarence Thomas) was expe.. ?” —then catching himself and inserting “a strong enough jurist or legal thinker…” Obama was about to say he didn’t think Thomas was EXPERIENCED enough for the job — but of course, if he HAD used that word, there would have gone his whole campaign! Obama has no experience doing ANYthing except being a HOLLOW SUIT. That performance was so telling about Obama’s lack of substance, it was mind-boggling. Drone, drone, drone-on about nothing other than straddling the same ol’ proverbial fence. ZZZZzzzzzz.
    Contrast that with Driver’s point, here — that with Mccain at least “what you see is what you get ” whether you agree with it or not! And after sufffering through an hour of Obama drone — uhs… ums… and ih-ih-ih-ih-ih(s) — McCain’s succinct bullet responses were damned refreshing.

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