1. damn i hate spiders. i don’t watch documentaries on them because i no doubt will dream about them later.

    we have had three tarantulas in our home over the last 16 years. the one that was found as recently as a few weeks ago was hiding in between a couple of bricks above the back door. my daughter screamed and we all came running in to find her terrified and the poor spider huddled in the corner of the doorway. it was safely put outside.

    i know tarantulas are the “good” spider because they eat other bad insects but hey, a spider is a spider and they’re just so creepy. some things having more than two legs is way too much for me.

    laurie, remember seeing those nasty things at the pool?

  2. Hey Karol,

    We still have them at the pool. They have just thinned out some. Not as many as there used to be!!!!

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