Funky, Funny Newspaper Clippings

OK, but it’s gonna be a bitch to get him across the border!!!

Ah yes..the menacing rolling pin. The weapon of choice among marauding Huns, Magyars and Aunt Bea.

MY GOD!!! Makes you wonder what was loose and what in God’s name did that dentist ended up pulling!!

What a sport!! If losing your life is cool with you, it’s cool with us, Sparky!!!

Stevie, about that eye thing? .It’s called “hyperthyroidism”.

Look into it.


Yessir…nothing says love like the gift that keeps on giving, when you stop living. We’re talking, of course, about pre-arranged funeral services. And this funeral home is affordable. Did we make that clear?

When it comes to funeral pricing, you needn’t look any further than Casket Joe’s. Why seek one “more bid” .

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Wow….what Heather Mills did for amputees!!! I’m SO glad one-legged women (in skirts no less) can get gigs as catalog models!!

For decorum’s sake, I just hope her suit isn’t made from a nubby weave.

That would be tasteless.

I hear this is where the Donner Party stocked up on provisions before that cold, cold winter out west.

FUCKING MENOPAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least…..

Well, this helps answer that lingering question about Hillary!!!



Photos from NBC’s, The Tonight Show


  1. love those clippings! so funny. would love to post some on my site. check it out… sign my guestbook thanx, lisa

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