Because Tropical Storm Eddie (his intended victims can call him that) was essentially, much ado about nada, I am here with a full compliment of Houston’s infrastructure at my disposal. In other words, I have laundered several loads and had light with which to do them all.

Ah yes….the joys of absolutely no aftermath.

I would regale you with tales of how I survived the tropical juggernaut but that actually involved sleeping through it’s landfall, some 63 miles to my east. So, I will instead entertain you with a cheap and easy post that consists solely of music…relatively new and old stuff …that I’m groovin’ to these days.

This is “The World Ain’t Slowin’ Down” by Ellis Paul. If it sounds familiar, well…it should. It was featured prominently in the soundtrack of the Farrelly Brothers’ comedy, “Me, Myself and Irene”..


This is an oldie but still a very decent song. In fact, it still gets gets my motor runnin’ when I listen to it. It’s from the early spring of 1974 and it made that ragtime piano sound kinda cool.

“Star” by Stealers Wheel.


I only heard this song for the first time, a few months ago. It’s “Don’t Let Go” by Bryan Adams and Sarah MacLachlan and it is, in my opinion, beautiful.

Now, I have NO idea who the incredibly swarthy people are who appear in the video or why the dame in the thing is dressed in attire that Mizrahi would describe as “Ivanhoe meets a Sherpa”, but the song is pretty just the same.

s bs

Here’s Travis’ “Why Does It Always Rain On Me”. Love this one.


My natural Anglophile nature continues with this next tune which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The Waterboys’ song, “Whole Of The Moon” is about the limitations one has when one plays it too safe.  In other words, you miss out on life when you do.

The lyrics of this song reflect that perfectly.

“I saw the rain dirty valley… saw Brigadoon”


Our next to the last song is, Brian Hyland’s rather haunting hit, “Gypsy Woman”. It’s a great song that never got it’s due. Well, maybe it did when originally hit the charts in 1970, but you don’t hear it that much–not even on those nasty homogenized sounding “Greatest Hits” stations.

For you, Jane.


And La Ultima cancion para ustedes, is in my opinion, one of the best rock anthems EVER. I’ll bet my fellow oldsters haven’t heard this one in years. Eric Burden and his Animals with “Monterey”.

“Jimmy Hendrix, baby believe me, set the world on fiyuh!!”

Pure rock goodness…now with more chords!!!



One comment

  1. Gypsy Woman. . . . mmmmmmmmm, Bryan Hyland. . . . Now see what you’ve done to me, Laurie?

    Sweet dreams to YOU, too. 🙂

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