Why I Got Into Radio

Get a load of old Casey Kasem acting the bitch!!!




Who knew he could cuss like WNBC news anchor, Sue Simmons?

Geez, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for a thesaurus, Case!!

Here’s some background on the reason behind his vulgar eloquence.

Casey was the host of the once wildly popular syndicated radio count down show, “American Top 40” which ruled the airwaves every Sunday morning for almost two decades. Well, during a recording session of the weekly show, Casey got mad; VERY MAD because he felt the producer’s placed the show’s standard feature, “The Long Distance Dedication” in the wrong place. On this particular occasion, the feature was positioned right out of the Pointer Sister’s very kicky, very up tempo song, “Dare Me” and considering the subject of the dedication focused on a listener’s recently departed dog, Casey felt the whole thing was in bad taste and inappropriate as hell.

The song that was to be dedicated was Henry Gross’ 1976 hit, “Shannon”, which was written by Beach Boy, Carl Wilson about the death of his Samoyed named Shannon. The song is sad and schlocky and true to our tastes back in that oh so tacky bi-centennial year, reached as high as #6 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

This never made it to air, obviously but wow…Casey be mad!!!

Sing along won’t you, especially during the second big musical bridge. Here are the lyrics:

Shannon is gone, I heard she’s drifting out to sea

She always loved to swim  and play

Maybe she’ll find an island with a shady tree

Just like the one in our backyard…


Just like the one in our backyard



By the way, at the tender age of 18, Henry Gross was a founding member of the world famous rock ‘n’ roll revival group Sha Na Na. He played lead guitar and on stage, wore the same “greaser” clothes he wore in back at Flatbush High School; class of ’69.




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