Hitler: What a Hoot!!

I’ve always been fascinated by the “before its time” grandiosity of the now classic Nazi propaganda films.

By 1930’s standards, they were indeed considered cutting edge and if you can possibly remove the subject matter from the equation, these films remain incredible works of art. The unique camera angles, plus the storied use of editing, slow motion and lighting made for impeccable cinema.

And they were the cinematic creations that stemmed from the fertile and creative mind of a maverick director.

And a woman.

It’s hardly a secret that Leni Riefenstahl was Adolf Hitler’s favorite filmmaker and documentarian. She was the controversial cinematic director of classic documentaries, Olympia and Triumph of the Will. She also shot footage of those epic Nazi pep rallies in Berlin and Munich. At the time, she did things that few directors did. She saw things that few could see. She not only had a voice….she had incredible “sight”. She was indeed, a visionary.

She died in the fall of 2003 at the ripe old age of 101 and in the years following her death, I began very informal research into the woman that Riefenstahl was.

But that’s not the basis for this post. Nor or her films. This subject matter contained in this post focuses on what I found in my pursuit of learning about Frau Leni.

You see, I learned that with a little creative editing and the right music, Hitler and his jack booted thuggery can actually be kind of funny.

And apparently, so incredibly misunderstood.

Here’s Dolphie singing, “Movin’ On Up”, the theme from TV’s, “The Jeffersons”. Great editing and by the way, is it just me, or does anyone else hear what I hear in this TV theme song. Listen carefully to the background singer during the bridge (at roughly 0:52). I swear to Vishnu that sounds just like Sherman “George Jefferson” Hemsley singing harmony.

Regardless of whether ol Sherm is singing or not, this piece is truly inspired. BRILLIANT!!!

No dance party would be complete without refreshments. Here, our host eats unt tasty slice of der post-rave watermelon!!

Yum! Es goot, ja!!

See? See what I mean?

History got it wrong! He wasn’t really a tyrant or Satan incarnate, for that matter. And there are fuhrer and fuhrer pieces of evidence indicating that Adolph Hitler WAS in fact, a completely delusional narcissistic bully in thrall to a dominant father and with a neurosis about women, who as a feminine boy, was obsequious towards superiors while displaying rabidly homosexual tendencies and his sense of grievance over this fact and other perceived failures prompted his own humiliation which led to his cruelty and policy of mass slaughter.

On the contrary…

In reality, Hitler was merely “acting out”.

His ONLY problem, as evidenced in these videos, was that he was a frustrated singer and choreographer who had a lusty penchant for sweet, aqueous fruit.

That’s all.



  1. These are great–how did you pirate them from the “History of Europe” page of the Iranian National Government website? Well, however you did it–good job.

  2. There is a theory somewhere that Hitler made a pact with the devil in order to take over the world. Hitler failed when he refused to keep up his end of the bargain, which was to remove that ridiculous little moustache.

  3. Holy Christ in a rowboat! I somehow stumbled onto your web pages and i am now covered in bodily fluids–I snorted coffe thru my nose at my computer, wet my pants and er..well, let’s just leave the last. At any rate, I did find an error because this post with A.H. is SUPPOSED to be “Mein Kampfy Couch” with that annonying-as-hell Lurlene or whatever from the “Big Comfy Couch”. My kids watched that one day (obviously years ago) and when they wanted to watch it the next day, I told them her show had been cancelled because somebody SHOT HER IN HER FUCKING HEAD ALREADY!. Anyway, your site is without doubt The. Best.Ever. The end. Oh, and thank you.

  4. A laugh riot. Yeah, I know der Reich Ratz weren’t funny then, even though Chaplin tried to lampoon Herr Hitler. But they can be so successfully become the butt of jokes nowadays. Springtime for Hitler, ya? I’m so thankful for people who have resources and a creative mind to do this kind of parody. There’s a number of presidential administrations I’d like to see skewered thusly. Thanks.

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