Il Mondo Cane

What if it were a dog’s world along the border between Texas and Mexico????


“Mexicanines” would sneak across in search of better kibble. They’ve heard how workers can thrive on this side of the border.

It’s worth the hardships to arrive in this country.

They feel hounded by the shameful oligarchy that runs Mexico. The eight percent ruling class….a different and more rare breed of Mexican. We’re talking about the lighter skinned; light eyed descendants of Spanish conquistadors who run Mexico. They have the money and power while the dark-skinned Mestizos; the mixed ethnicity…usually some Spanish blood mixed with dark skinned farming Indians are the ones they employ as domestics and laborers. A caste system exists in Mexico that rivals anything in India. Interestingly enough, the Meztisos out number the wealthy exponentially.

Perhaps, they’re not out-numbered as much as they’re out-manned and this has them tired of sitting up and begging.

And that’s why they come here. They do so to escape the hard, social dichotomy in Mexico. This need to survive and thrive is what makes them tick. It’s why they flea their country.

How do they do it? It’s a tragic tail, really. They travel by night and sleep in thrown together pup tents. And even though U.S. Border Collie Patrol agents make every attempt to catch them, doing so would be extremely difficult. Mexicanines always travel in packs. Agents would be overwhelmed by their own dogged attempts to uphold border law.

The gravity of the situation gives one paws.

Government officials and politicians wouldn’t throw the agents a bone either. That is of course, only if the politicians are properly vetted. And if they are, you can be sure their attacks regarding the controversy surrounding illegal immigration would be nothing short of rabid. They’d only end up rubbing the agents’ noses in it.

But these Mexicanines still stream into the country. And they’re here illegally; they’re undogumented. No tags; no papers to go on.


I think I’ll end this now before these puns even make me sick……



as a dog.


(Click here for additional enlightenment)


  1. “It’s why they flea their country.”

    Your mastery of the pun astounds me.
    I bow to you. *bows*

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