An Offensive Defense

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack. One defends when his strength is inadequate; he attacks when it is abundant.”

–Sun Tzu


Ol’ Sunny T. makes a lot of sense. But that’s just me.

As I progress in age, I rather like the idea of a strong defense. There’s some security in that for me. It’s no different than knowing my IRA’s are safe and sound and ready for that day when my gray haired Mister and I eat dinner at 5 pm at our neighborhood cafeteria. Then, we rush through our rice puddings in order to get back home to watch watch “Wheel of Fortune” at 6:30.

That Pat Sajak is hot.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know that much about politics.

Or Pat Sajack.

Truth be told, the whole concept of politics bores me silly, unless I can find some way to poke fun at it. But like any democracy jonesin’ American, I will admit that l have certain concerns.

Politically, I am Conservative. Socially, it’s safe to say that I can (at times) align myself more with Conservative Democrats. But I tend to vote Republican.

That said, I have made it clear that I don’t like anything about Hillary Clinton. Now that she’s out of the political picture for the time being anyway, we must now focus on Obama and McCain.

First up: The Big “O”.

Obama has his issues–to me, he’s disingenuous and he has a lack of …something…I’m not quite sure. I hear a delightful speaker when he talks, but he’s devoid of substance. He’s rife with those thinly veneered “here’s what we’ll do” promises. But he’s yet to provide the meaty, info packed “here’s how we’re going to do it” emphatic declaratives that I and voters like me, really need to hear. But I will admit, that I have at times, been taking in by his charm. He has a freshness about him. A naivte that seems sweet, but also frightening when you think about the gravity of the job for which he is vying.

Will race be a factor? It shouldn’t be, but it will be. Invariably, it will be. Some will vote for him because he’s black; others will stay away from the polls for the very same reason. If Obama ascends the top of the American political throne, I don’t want to hear the subject of race entering the vitriol that will no doubt spew forth the minute he makes a mistake and I assure you, he will. If he’s criticized at all, I WILL NOT abide by ANYONE saying it’s because he’s black. The long and short of this preamble is simple: the color of his skin doesn’t preclude his being errant. If Barack Obama can be elected, he can AND WILL BE held accountable.

Second up: The Big Mac.

John McCain.

I don’t like Johnny Boy and to be honest, I’m not sure why. I think it’s because he cheated on his wife. I HATE philanderers. But I believe any of my concerns over McCain are a waste of good angst. I don’t think he stands a chance. People are turned off by Bush and his brand of Republican-run America. The last eight years have been problematic indeed, but it hasn’t all been George Bush’s handiwork. But when you’re the President, the buck stops with you….unless you’re a Clinton; then the tentacles of blame are far reaching and always in the opposite direction.

Ah, the invincible Clintons. Well, at least the invincible Bill Clinton...the real Teflon Don.

I used to be a Democrat. Clinton and Carville changed that for me. I shudder to think what those two did almost single-handedly to the Democratic party.

And that leads me to my next question…was it in fact, the Clinton years that forced Democrats to become a party of infantile whiners and finger pointers? I don’t remember their ever being as self centered and helpless prior to 1992. They used to help themselves. They used to be accountable, fair…responsible. Now, many Democrats are nothing but con artists who believe in less government…as long as they can control more of it. Their success depends on publicizing, then capitalizing on the the failures (either real or imagined) of everyone else.


And that makes Democrats professional deflectors. Bush hate mongering has served as a convenient and brilliant deflection for the past eight years, has it not?? As my wizened PM points out, the Dems have needed Bush to be stupid; a moron; an unpolished hayseed idiot because it serves their agenda of “it’s them, not us”

And so many gullible people have bought it hook, line and sinker. That’s not to say Mr. Bush hasn’t made mistakes—he has; several egregious mistakes in my opinion, but is he the Pelosian anti-Christ he’s made out to be? No, but so many people believe what they hear. Bush is this; he’s that; a cowboy (one born in Connecticut, mind you) who got us into the illegal war in Iraq (a war which was fully supported by Hillary and so many other Democrats) solely for his big oil cronies. yeah, as if Bill, Hillary, Obama or any Democrat for that matter, EVER refused a campaign contribution from Halliburton or Exxon-Mobil.

But Dems never talk about that.


Besides, the Left has well placed and oh so convincing “star making machinery”.

The politically savvy manfriend o’mine believes McCain will be humming “Hail To The Chief”, in January…but I I disagree. As I stated earlier, the Dems have Public Relations on their side and Bush and Republicans are synonymous according to this massive liberal PR effort and the pablum brains under the influence have been told they are in fact, tired of Bush and all that Republican idiocy and well, McCain is a Republican. I firmly believe that will make a difference in the minds of more sheeple than educated voters. So, Obama, wife Michelle and their two young daughters will more than likely, be making a very historic move to a new residence next January.

America can handle it’s first black President; I’m worried more about his being a Democrat than anything else. And he IS a Democrat (a “clodpated Socialist” if you ask my mother) and Democrats are notorious for whittling away at defense. That will no doubt happen once he’s in office. Once ANY Democrat is in office.

So, what can we expect?

Massive cuts in defense spending cuts and downsizing in the most searing and egregious way. A swiss cheese defense–holes; not whole.

The military will just have to do the best it can.

I believe this esteemed group of fighters has already begun prepping for the inauspicious November election now and the massive changes that will take place as a result.

For example: This is the new prototype for the Bradley fighting vehicle due out in Spring 2009.

It’s still called “The Bradley” because well… see the guy doing the peddling?

His name is Bradley.

Meet the new F-18 that defense cuts hath wrought. It’ now armed with a guy named Brock and a Glock.

Kinda brings new credence to the term “Wing Man”, doesn’t it?

And lastly, if any enemy–foreign or domestic-–threatens the peace and tranquility of the Arlen Grove Municipal Swimming Pool in Arlen Grove, Illinois, America will be ready!!!!!!


Gee…something tells me that medieval catapults are gonna make a big comeback during the next administration.



Thanks to Dr. Sanity’s “Carnival of The Insanities”


  1. Laurie, you made me laugh…but this is a frightening truth. Mr Obama will weaken this country to the point of destruction.

  2. I’ve never thought about the Democrats in this vein before. This is food for thought. Thanks for the insight.
    Funny piece by the way.

  3. As important as national defense is, what scares me even more are the federal judges and supreme court justices that would be appointed by Obama.

  4. Well, being Canadian, I generally keep my comments to myself on the whole American political thing. On the army thing, however, all I can say is that..yeah, I’m Canadian there too 😛 Nobody knows that our new secret weapon, the B-double-A’s really stands for “Bow and Arrow” 😛 I kid, but the plus side is that we’re taken so lightly that we could probably up and invade a small country and it would be six months before anyone noticed.

    Nobody ever suspects the butterfly, mahahahaha! >:D

  5. Dear Laurie,
    Do you have any idea how disorienting it is for Aunt Bloggie to read your posts? Oh, I can handle the in-between ones. But those monsters you let loose now and then…like today’s… well. My mind gets to spinning, I fear I might say ‘pluck me!” How can I be laughing in agreement and hopping mad ready to fight, all at the same time? Of course, I skewered Big O and Little John recently myself… so no problem with your premise. But lets have a word about Clintons and Bushes, shall we?
    I always wondered what that “vast right-winged conspriracy” did when it wasn’t busy peering in bedroom windows. It finnaly came to me. They manipulate the paychecks of potential Rebuplican voters! During the Clinton years, when the country is prosperous, they withhold money, and then in the Bush years, when the economy is in the tank, they give it back!!! This explains the mysterous time shift that seems to occur when Republicans look back on recent history.
    Keep writing, young Miss Laurie… you make Aunt Bloggie feel more alive!

    Aunt Bloggie

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