Odd…Just Odd

Shit!!!! Maybe Al Gore was right!!!!!


Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo is seen here taking a break during filming of his most recent bestial porn flick.

Like their bipedic adult film star counterparts, marsupials actually enjoy a little testicular aeration between takes.


Man, that is one ugly ass dog. .And how ’bout that Mastiff?


I love watching boys at play…even anorexic ones, but would someone please explain to me why there’s an extraneous right fist and forearm growing out the chin of the lad in the blue jersey?


I know that things are always bigger, longer and what have you in the Lone Star State, but the exceptional cigar that former Texas gubernatorial candidate, Kinky Friedman is smoking, defies even Texas standards. His stoagie breaks, then immediately goes into this 136° obtuse angle.

Either that or this ex-hippie musician/politician/author is now into fellating stair railings.

Impressive just the same.


Next up on Maury….Brad Pitt finally consents to a paternity test. Is he in fact, the biological father of Angelina Jolie’s children?


Found in a circular in Vlad the Impaler’s hometown rag, The Daily Transylvanian.


But on special today for just sex dollars!!!!!


This is like someone in the Kurdish town of Halabja in northern Iraq, asking others if they smell Mustard Gas.


It’s Halloween.

You’ve got a big Costume party to go to and you want to go as Gort, the giant, menacing robot from the famous 50’s sci-fi flick, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

But you’re broke; nary a cent to your name.

Well, holding a harmonica over your eyes will work in a pinch.


At Dung World, children have fun while learning about the inner workings of an elephant’s inflamed, prolapsed rectum.


Separated at birth???





And finally…

Opening a restaurant was actually the dream of Klindt’s late wife, Clarice.

We hear it cost her an arm and a leg.



  1. Flippin’ hilarious LK. Where do you find all this stuff? My favorites were the Roo (hangin’ balls out), the elephant dung slide, and monkey face Ruthie. Classic.

  2. Skippy was obviously modeling the old Burt Reynolds “Playgirl” foldout.

    I am planning to order a “copulation of daily ingredients” along with my “diet water” next time I eat out. Will let you know what happens, you are full of good ideas.

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