Next Week Is Mystery Week At LK’s Blog

On Wednesday nights, don’t bother calling me. Don’t bother e-mailing me because I won’t respond. At least, not between the hours of 7pm and 10pm (CST).

Because I’m watching “Ghost Hunters” on the Sci Fi Network”.

I know what you’re thinking; how can I, a brilliant woman with such viral writing skills be fascinated by such utter bullshit????

Because I can.

And I am.

This bit of freshly revealed personal info might come as a surprise to some of you (even to those of you who “know” me) but I am fascinated by unexplained phenomenon. Always have been.

I love magic and not the kind exhibited by Samantha’s twitching nose or Endora’s arm waving histrionics on “Bewitched”. By the way, what was William Asher and ABC thinking with those lame ass effects???

No, I’m talking the magic of power. Of intellect. Of confidence. Of wit.

And the crap that scares the shit out of us.

Some people drink; others shop, I research unexplained phenomenon; those things that go bump in the night…and that’s NOT a reference to my friends on a Friday night coke bender, either.

It’s ghosts and eerie stuff and all kinds of things that science can’t explain and even if it could, we wouldn’t want to believe it.

So, I’ve decided that NEXT WEEK will by Mystery Week. I wanted to do it this week, but I’ve got a million things to do at work and simply won’t have time to the research, but next week? For sure. Beginning Monday, May 26t and continuing on through Friday May 31, I’m going to post articles featuring subjects that fascinate me.

Included will be (and in no particular order):

  • The Bell Witch
  • The Moving Rocks of Death Valley
  • Magic as it relates to religious mysticism (Voodoo and golums)
  • Doppelgangers
  • Ghosts (personal experience)

Of course, every story will come with it’s own patented Kendrick flourishes, so while informative and intriguing, I’ll HAVE to make fun of it, too.

I mean I am, after all….ME.

So, gather the kids, lock the doors, don some garlic, polish your silver bullets, then pop some butter-flavored Orville R. and join me NEXT Monday and every day next week for tales of intrigue, suspense mixed with a little vile, ribald comedy.

Thanks awfully,



  1. Some nights I can’t sleep, I wander along the radio dial and listen to shows that deal with the “paranormal”. I can’t quite tell if the host is a genuine believer or is just humoring his eager callers. It’s fun, anyway.

  2. There is a paranormal show that comes on during the week, but, it starts at 10:00 at night, which is too late for me. I seen one of it and is so scary.

  3. Will there be stories of old from Kendrick Casa on Snob Hill? I have the pop corn ready to go!

  4. Dear Miss Laurie,
    Lot of people think they seen a ghost when I frequent the local blues bar. So what I want to know about is Robert Johnson. You know about selling his soul to the devil so he could play guitar. Now dopplegangers, my mother read “Jolly Corners” back in 1908 while I was cooking in the oven, and feared then on I would be cursed by the live unlived. And thus I keep one eye open all the time.
    Aunt Bloggie

  5. I’m about 10-15 miles down the roads from the Bell Witch area though I’ve never visited it.

    Though I’ve seen some stuff I can’t explain, I’m not ready to sign up to ride caboose on the cuckoo wagon just yet. May have to take the Halloween tour since it’s on a Friday this year.

  6. I have “guilty pleasure syndrome”, also, when it comes to the TV. Though mine centers around horribly mindless reality shows that I don’t even like.

    But I am also an avid fan of paranormal specials and shows. I don’t know why. I don’t necessarily believe in spirits, ghosts or anything supernatural…not counting werewolves which scare the ever loving out of me even knowing they don’t exist…but I’ve learned that I enjoy watching shows about people who do believe in such.

    I think it’s because I’m jealous that they believe, and I don’t, because I do love all things unexplainable and mysterious even though I can’t bring myself to believe in them. I live vicariously through the belief of others, ha.

    Love your blogs, looking forward to Mystery Week.

  7. I can’t wait to read your Mystery Series. I never USED to believe in Spirit forms (or ghosts) but that changed many years ago when I would sometimes “feel” presences (all positive in nature.)
    Ireland is a place just FULL of them; we’ve been there three times and you wouldn’t believe some of the photos we have from our last two visits (we think due to a special new, energy-sensing digital camera.) My husband is a scientist and used to laugh at such ideas — however, these “forms” appearing in our photos have, at the very LEAST, opened-up his mind. HE was the one taking most the the pictures! and KNOWS there was absolutely NOTHING there when he shot the photo/s! What these images are, really, or what they’re doing hanging around certain places is an enormous mystery. Interestingly, these manifestations are often expressing humor of some sort! Go figure.
    Anyway, I have many times sought an authentic group or organization to take a crack at analyzing these photos but could only find silly, hocus-pocus sounding websites which one could HARDLY take seriously. A few years ago I DID find a group of University professors (Penn State, I think) that was doing paranormal research but when I went back to try and find them again, about a year later, they were gone. Funding problems?
    I have never “seen” anything myself — but these mystery forms certainly do like our camera! It’s very, VERY weird.
    So, I’ll be looking forward to your sharings next week…

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