Not Exactly, Walt!

It was 1958.

The times were easy, innocent…optimistic and on NBC, “The Wonderful World of Disney” entertained millions on Sunday evenings with the occasional cartoon, adventure and glimpses of a future that promised life at a much faster pace, but far more more efficient.

You know–real Jetson’s kind of shit.

Those wacky Disney Imagineers! This cartoon proves that when trying to predict the future transportation technology while back in the days of Ike and Mamie in the White House, they got a few things right, but even more things wrong.

Too bad too…I would’ve loved to have driven on cantilever freeways along the sides of the Grand Canyon.

Who knows? It could still happen.

The world is young.



  1. Wonderful cartoon. Those were my favorite a long time ago when Disney came on at 6:30 every Sunday night. Wasn’t too into his movies for tv except for one. It was about some guy dressed as a scarecrow and rode a horse. I can’t remember if he was good or bad.

    Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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