Your Handwriting

So what does yours say about you?

I’ve always found this study to be quite interesting. Some years ago, my handwriting was analyzed by an expert with the Houston Police Department. He was frighteningly accurate with what he was able to discern just from my signature.


He was so precise that he was able to tell me about my personal bathroom ” habits”.

Then, I found the camera hidden under the toilet seat.


Wanna know what you’re handwriting says about you, mon frehr??

Have a pen and a piece of paper handy, then just click here.

Yeah sure it’s a commercial for Tul pens, but really, it’s so much more.


  1. OK, what does mon frehr mean? Can’t find it on the web. And yes, your still sick. Love ya!

  2. Pardon me, but if anything, I am Votre Soeur.

    And I am pleased to know that I am an ambitious, gregarious, extrovert.

    No one ever told me. Cause I stay at home all the time.

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