Men and women aren’t alike.

Nope, we’re built differently and there are some things women can do that men can’t. Men can write their names in the snow and we can dot the “i” or add ellipsis……..

However, both sexes can add parenthesis around the name if we’d like. Yeah, nice brown ones.

Ha! I laugh at my own imagery.

I can hear my mother now: “Laurie! Must you be so coarse!!”


Gymnastics is made gender specific by virtue of the apparatus. The equipment is different and built according to our bodies’ various capabilities. Women have a different center of gravity than men. Plus, our flexibility is different. We’re also smaller and lest we forget, there’s a HUGE difference in our “plumbing”.

Think about it: we’re built to fit each other sexually. Women have an intrusion to the men’s protrusion.

And that means for men, sometimes Mr. Human Towel Rack and Bird Perch can get in the way and no where is that more apparent than in gymnastics. Especially if a guy tries his hand on equipment where having an intrusive body part works best.

I’m a fan of gymnastics and dabbled a bit in it as a child and in college. So, the video you’re about to see, might only be funny to me, but it’s meant to be a comedy routine. Even so, it still looks pretty painful for this women’s coach and his two figs.

He actually does a pretty good job considering.

I just hope to GOD he’s wearing a cup……and a saucer.

Click here.


And now, you may opine your ass off...

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