Observations: Parts 1-6

Last summer when I was much younger and gave a damn, I used to compile these weekly posts called “Observations”.

They were fairly popular.

Basically, they were compilations of photos which comprised my own very special version of those now famous “separated at birth” bits you see. “Spy Magazine” used to publish a version as well. But mine, I do believe, are a bit different.

I did six in all, then stopped because they were extremely time consuming. Fun, but very involved.

If you liked them…I mean, really liked them a la Sally Field, I’ll do some more. Otherwise, I’ll have Billy Mumy as “Anthony” wish them to the cornfield……forever.

Since I don’t feel like posting anything new new today, I’ve reposted all six of my “Observations” just for you. And you…and OK, you too!

And one more thing: come back to this blog for a very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very,very, very, very, very, very, very, very special announcement this coming Friday, March 28th.

You can access the next Observations by clicking the appropriate highlighted portion at the bottom of each page.

Observations 1

Observations 2

Observations 3

Observations 4

Observations 5

Observations 6

One comment

  1. All this hilarity was going on last summer, and I had no idea.

    What a waste!

    I can’t believe you’d disparage Al Gore, and his delightful jazz hands. We wouldn’t have a medium for our enriching blogs, if he hadn’t invented the internet.

    You think about that, missy.

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