1. Waaay tooo funny Laurie–I’m reading these aloud and laughing!!! Comma Sutra–HaHaHa– tomvickers@ suddenlink.net

  2. You are like the queen of funny photos. Do you have some hidden sources, some sort of “Deep Throat” for illustrations?

  3. Chelsea is suing Monica for loss of companionship, she says Monica swallowed her brother.

  4. I’m not sure about the first two pictures. She’s extremely unattractive in both. Am I missing something there?

  5. Well Sister…it is as the photo implies: all about the camera angle. In the first photo..the top one, whether you think this woman is attractive or not, this photo portrays her as a damn site better than the second photo. It was the camera angle…shot upwards which would make the viewer think, “Wow, not a bad looking babe”…but the second photo; the one straight on, shows her many facial flaws.

    That’s why you see the word “ANGLES” printed atop the second photo, followed by the sentence, “ask for many photos”.

    You’re the fifth person who’s asked me to explain. Is the humor behind this photo that difficult to discern???


  6. I didn’t like to look up her nose in the first place and the second place, she is most unattractive in both pix. But you’re right-the second one shows her “flaws”. Poor kid. Am I that pitiful looking in pictures?

  7. Very funny, but some are a little sick. But still funny. I must also be getting a little sick in the head in my old age. But, still funny!

    What about this crazy time change, anyone like it?

  8. She’s also a very HOMELY ASIAN, Nigel.

    Her crooked teeth and overbite make her mouth look like a front end loader. She can eat corn through a fence.

    But I guess fortunately for you, there’s always a paper bag.

    And a ball gag.

    And full body restraints.

    And darkness.


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