LK’s Anti-Hillary Artillery

March 4th, 2008

Politically, this is an extremely auspicious day in America. It’s the incredibly important Texas primary and its importance is paramount to Democratic Presidential wanna-be’s Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Even more so for Hillary.

If she loses Texas, she’s out of the race and then the whole enchelada goes to Barry Obana (Barack Obama reportedly went by “Barry” back during his coke snortin’ college days. So yes, we’re calling him “Barry” from now on. It goes so much better with those two fleshy satellite dishes he calls ears, dontcha think???)

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m both a Houstonian and a proud Texan. You’d also know that I’m incredibly opposed to anything “Clinton”.

I can’t even listen to a George Clinton CD.

I won’t watch a Hillary Swank movie.

I don’t even like any guys named Rod and I sure as hell can’t eat any ham these days.

Yeah, my disregard for Hillary is just that intense.

Over the past year, I’ve poked fun of Mrs. C….not necessarily because of her politics, but I’ve poked fun of her character and lack there of and of course, her physicality mainly. From her mammoth, beefy calves that could be traded on the commodities market to her masculine….well, everything else.

So, I thought it would be funny as Texas Primary nears if I placed all my best anti-Hillary posts in one convenient location.

I am nothing if not a thoughtful blogger.

Here they are, in no specific order.

Your Wish Is My Command

Ooooh, I Saw His Thingie

The Unraveling

So Teddy Says To Barack….

Hillary Clinton and Religion

Morgellons Disease

Photo Fun With Hill and Bill

Future Shock

Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say

A Day In The Life of A Retiree

Wayne Explained

I Call It As I See It




  1. Hermana,

    Yeah..I know that joke. Funny but come on! There are ears and there are wing flaps on a Boeing 757!! Barry Obama has wing flaps. He can pick up AM Radio in Bogata.

    He can fan a forest fire just by agreeing with the flames.

    Sorry, but those are two of THEE BIGGEST ears I’ve ever seen on a non-pachyderm.


  2. Ah, the dirty dozen. You’ve written almost as much about Hilary as I have Jesus.

  3. I’ve forward just about every post to my dem. friends. It’s the best ammunition one can get.

  4. “…yada, during my 35 years of public service”–when your premise is a lie (that you seem to get away with), what are the odds that you will be telling the truth on the small stuff? I think, nil.

    But, here’s the thing. None of this matters. Hillary Clinton is still alive, if not well, today thanks to her base–old Demacrat/racists (has Bobby Byrd endorsed her yet?); the “a vote for Hillary somehow makes up for going 0-2 against that moron, W, crowd; the dykes in spikes bunch (being a prisoner of war just means you aren’t any good at war”); then toss in the fact that her floppy eared opponent can hardly be characterized as a “closer” (and his wife is about as much help to his cause as Bill is to Hillary’s)–and the smell of eight years of Bubba & Bubbette begins to ignite your nose hair.

    If there is a bright side, they’ll be fun to watch–and read about–here.

  5. I am not a fan of either of the Democratic party candidates, but anyone — including a random choice from the failure pool of American Idol — would be less embarrassing than W.

    It’s gonna be a good year. πŸ™‚

  6. My wife and I had a Star Wars DVD marathon within the last week or so, so I can’t help but draw parallels…

    After 8 years of darkness under the Sith Lord, Darth Bush, we may be entering a new era… Woohoo! πŸ˜‰

    It’s really exciting… I’m not a U.S. citizen yet, but can’t wait to see a change made. πŸ™‚

  7. I have been walking around with a brown paper sack on my head since 10:13 this morning. It has eyeholes. The nice lady at my polling place (a T building at the elementary school) handed it to me as she looked at my card after I declared which primary I was voting in today. She patted my hand and told me it was okay – everyone was doing it.

    I am one of those Texans who crossed party lines to vote for Obama – the sharpest tool in the shed to kill off the Clintons.

    November is up for grabs….I despise McCain almost as much.

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